Working in Luanda

At BCG’s Luanda office, you will have the opportunity to work with a diverse, collaborative, and bright team that will enable your professional and personal development.

Because of the wide range of projects and work we do, BCGers in the Luanda office are able to tailor their career path while making a real difference and directly supporting Angola's socioeconomic development and the success of our clients.

Work and Culture

History and the Area

BCG’s Luanda office opened in 2013 and is located in the city's downtown, a stone's throw from the landmark Marginal strip, or boardwalk, and surrounded by modern buildings mirroring the country's progress and enormous development potential.

Over the past few years, BCG has continuously and actively contributed to the country's social and economic development by helping both public and private sector clients redefine their processes, restructure their companies, and define their growth strategies. Furthermore, we have made these efforts in a collaborative manner with our clients while ensuring that our recommendations are adapted to the realities of the country and implemented in an impactful manner.

Who We Work With

BCG’s clients are among the largest companies in the world, and at BCG in Luanda that is no different. We work with Angola's biggest and most influential companies within the country's key sectors, such as financial services, telecommunications, energy, consumer goods, public sector, and health care. Further, we have built strong working relationships in the public sector, engaging with the government and public entities to help them address strategic socioeconomic issues. We develop lasting partnerships with our clients and work to address the strategic challenges they face to become more efficient and achieve competitive advantage.


At BCG’s Luanda office, you will be part of the firm’s global team, which means you will have the opportunity to work with teams of fellow BCGers from our 80-plus offices in 48 countries over the course of your career. As a result, you will be able to experience work and life in other countries through the different international programs offered by BCG offices globally:

  • Cross-Office Projects. As part of this program, you will be able to join a team of BCG consultants and experts working on short-term projects (typically fewer than six months) in another country. This enables our consultants to gain international experience without having to relocate.
  • Global Programs. Select employees, with requisite experience, can participate in extended-stay assignments (typically one year) in one of our worldwide offices through our Associate Abroad, Ambassador, and Practice Area Ambassador programs.
  • Transfers. As a BCGer, you are also able to move to another city, a nearby country, or another part of the world (typically 12 to 24 months or permanently).
  • Secondments. These programs allow select employees to gain experience outside BCG by working for up to a year at one of our private sector clients or for one of our global social impact partners.

BCG’s global footprint enables us to give our consultants the flexibility to change locations according to their evolving personal and professional needs over the course of their careers.

Social Impact

In addition to ad hoc social impact activities, BCG in Luanda wants to make a lasting contribution. As such, we seek to have a positive and sustaining impact beyond the business domain by supporting Angola both directly through our client work and through our pro bono efforts. We seek to address some of the nation’s most pressing issues, such as education and health care problems, which limit social development.

Our Office Culture

One of the key draws of the office culture in Luanda is its collaborative and supportive environment. From your first day at the office, a great deal of training and information will be made available to you, as it is very important to us to ensure that you are given the necessary tools to support your personal and professional growth and that you are set up for success.

Hard work and dedication are part of our office and company DNA, but it is also crucial to have a healthy work-life balance. We contribute to this by organizing relaxing and entertaining events, such as our project team and office social events, annual office outing, fun and vibrant summer and end-of-year parties, and international BCG events such as the football and volleyball world cup organized by a different office every year.

At BCG Luanda I have the opportunity to contribute to the development of Angola by helping clients succeed and moving the needle on the most pressing socio-economic challenges the nation faces.
The supportive culture and resources the firm offers have given me the confidence to continuously turn ideas into insight, initiatives into impact and learning into leading.

Suzana Amões
Senior Associate

Working at BCG has meant embracing less comfortable approaches to problem solving and growing when the going got tough.
Working for BCG's Luanda office has meant tackling some of the most structurally relevant problems of Angola's economy and observing real change happen.

Judson Pires