Working in Warsaw

Welcome to BCG Warsaw— one of the fastest-growing BCG offices in the world.

With decades of experience in business to draw from, we have succeeded in creating a workplace where every remarkable talent is welcome. Learn more about the people who lead Warsaw’s office, our customers, and our shared values. Join us in this exceptional business experience.

Work & Culture

Our Timeline

BCG Warsaw’s history begins as early as 1997. We currently employ around 130 employees and certainly do not intend to stop there. Our office is located in Zebra Tower, one of Warsaw’s most prestigious office buildings, in the heart of the city.

Making a Difference

BCG Warsaw has been engaged in social, cultural, and philanthropic activities for years. Our employees are eager to get involved and have been consulting for the Poland-Haiti Charity, a nonprofit organization that helps Haitians suffering from the damages caused by the earthquake that struck their country in 2010. Moreover, we are running several initiatives linked to workplace diversity and charity projects initiated by employees.

Shared Values

What really makes BCG different from other companies are our values, which we all share. Experience shows that strong leadership and a creative approach to problem solving is a core value that works best for our team. We consider partnership and personal commitment fundamental to a greater understanding of corporate culture.


People are our priority. They are what make Warsaw’s office so extraordinary. We believe in positive motivation and employees’ involvement in company growth. And because we hold such deep trust in our team, the recruitment process is vital. Our multisector recruitment specialists are instructed to seek the most proficient candidates; BCG Warsaw’s welcoming and inspirational environment is one that helps a brilliant talent to thrive. Contact us and learn how to become a part of our team.

We really spend a lot of time together throughout the day, yet we still enjoy each other’s company during all those business trips and after-work gym escapades. That just goes to show: we are an amazing team!

Natalia Kwiecień

There is no way of saying where your next project at BCG will take you. One day you’re consulting one of the biggest bank mergers in Poland and another you might be planning a strategic development for a company in Saudi Arabia.

Jakub Rodak

Working for BCG is a great opportunity. I get to learn important business strategies and problem-solving methods and interact with interesting, driven, brilliant individuals. Actually that description fits both my colleagues and customers.

Agnieszka Kulas
Partner & Associate Director


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