Go-to-Market Strategy in Emerging Markets

Unlocking growth in emerging markets is a big piece of the globalization puzzle. One of the biggest levers companies have that can dramatically change their position in the market is developing a stellar go-to-market approach.

Emerging markets present an incredible growth opportunity for companies that are prepared to take on the challenge of globalization. Emerging markets are exhibiting a growth differential of 2-3 percentage points over developed markets. .

The sheer magnitude of the opportunity and dynamism at play in emerging markets means a one-size-fits-all approach is not adequate. Companies need to take a de-averaged approach in their go-to-market activities. Getting it right is a major source of competitive advantage. But building best-in-class go-to-market strategies requires a concerted and systematic effort given the challenges on the ground:

  • Understanding the unique needs of shoppers in areas where data is limited and consumer profiles are evolving
  • Managing a multitude of fragmented trade channels (modern and traditional) and partners to execute effectively in this hybrid environment—noting that traditional trade (millions of small trade outlets) is still incredibly important
  • Leveraging next-generation analytics and technology to create step change in the way that go-to-market lands in the field
  • Targeting much smaller segments of consumers to discover hidden pockets of opportunity