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Our Latest Thinking on Digital

As every industry braces for disruption, digital transformation in business is no longer merely an option—it’s an imperative. Gaining advantage in the market means organizations must embrace new methods, technologies, and organizational principles to quickly leapfrog competitors and truly innovate. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on digital to uncover opportunity and dig into insights that will shape your digital roadmap.

Featured Insights

New Ways of Working

Agile Leadership and the Art of Letting Go teaser

Agile Leadership and the Art of Letting Go

It might seem counterintuitive. But the most successful leaders don’t tightly control agile efforts, BCG’s Benjamin Rehberg explains. They create alignment around purpose, strategy, and priorities—and then they let teams go.

Why You Should Take Your Software Out for Coffee - Nadjia Yousif

Why You Should Take Your Software Out for Coffee

A company hires a bright new employee on a multi-million dollar contract. Her voice is ignored and her skills go unused, but she is still paid millions. That employee is technology, and it’s a scenario playing out in businesses everywhere.

Winning the Race for Women in Digital

To build the digital workforce that the future demands, companies must recruit—and retain—women.

BCG on Digital and Technology

Digital is transforming every aspect of business, in every industry. Follow BCG on Digital and Technology on LinkedIn for a collection of insights and news from DigitalBCG.

Digitize Your Core Business

How Digital Champions Invest

How Digital Champions Invest

Digital champions are expanding their lead with investments to enhance technology and IT, build their talent base, and push digital projects—including in AI—to scale.

The Five Rules of Digital Strategy

Digital is still anyone’s game. Organizations that think big, take a holistic view, and move nimbly will find competitive advantage.

Capturing the Value of Blockchain

How do you profit from blockchain? The answer starts with understanding how platforms create value and the growth trajectories it can take.

Leveraging Data and Technology

Industry Spotlight

Expert Videos

Global Economics and Digitization

Global Economics and Digitization

Dlaczego należy traktować technologię w pracy jako współpracownika

Wskazówki od indywidualistki z Doliny Krzemowej: Nowe metody pracy i współpracy

Sukand Ramachandran on Helping Machines Help Humans

Mastering the Art of Personalization

Mamy kolejną rewolucję w produkcji

Debbie Lovich on How Leaders Can Boost Their Ability To Adopt New Ways Of Working

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