Working in Dubai

At BCG in Dubai, you will be working in the hub of the Middle East, driving change and creating impact from day one. With more than 50 nationalities represented, the office is a melting pot of diverse culture and experiences.

History and the Area

BCG in Dubai opened its office in 2007, following continuous project work in the region since 2005. Having earned a reputation as one of the world's premier boomtowns, Dubai is a hot spot not only for the real estate sector but also for tourism, trade, transportation, and financial services. Large Dubai businesses are increasingly rolling out their business models abroad and becoming global competitors.

Who We Work With

BCG has successfully partnered with clients in the Middle East across a wide range of sectors, including government, financial services, energy, industrial goods, telecommunications, real estate, health care, and private equity. Senior executives in the UAE and neighboring countries are looking to BCG in Dubai for insight in areas such as long-term strategic direction, growth in existing and new lines of business, and international acquisitions. Supporting these fast-growing organizations is becoming an increasingly important area of work for us and provides us with the opportunity to shape the future of the Middle East.

Our Office Culture

In recent years, the office has experienced unprecedented growth, providing a dynamic and exciting work environment for our consultants and business services team. Our consulting staff represents many nationalities and cultures and comes from a variety of academic and commercial backgrounds. Beyond their wealth of collective experience, they share a number of common qualities: great analytical and interpersonal skills, insatiable curiosity, and, last but not least, a passion for enjoying all that the region has to offer. Our social and sports committees are very active, organizing monthly social events, an annual office outing, weekly sports activities, and family-oriented fun.

As BCG in Dubai grows, we will be hiring new consulting staff who will be complemented by experienced BCG professionals from around the world. We will continue hiring global talent, with a particular emphasis on attracting and developing the best talent to be found in the UAE. Our growth is only limited by how quickly we can find extraordinary people who are committed to growing with us.

Work and Culture

I interned at several companies. While the experience was great with each of them, I felt most at home with BCG. The collaborative approach, the diversity of people and opinions, and the deep respect for the individual really made a difference to me.

Christopher Daniel
Managing Director & Partner, Middle East

The best learning at BCG is to never be satisfied with your first solution. Keep on challenging yourself to come up with something better. Always think about what you have to do to remain successful in the future.

Hans Clement
Managing Director & Partner

Joining BCG brought together two of my passions—problem solving and making an impact. One of my most memorable projects involved developing a country localization strategy that has since been approved by the government and is currently being implemented!

Hasan Alkabeer

I am very lucky to be based in the Dubai office because we enjoy great weather around 80% of the time. Whenever I am not in the office, I love to go to the beach and enjoy a good read. I also like to explore the region I live in, so I often organize outings to the desert or short road trips to neighboring cities. It is impressive how different the scenery can be just a few hundred miles away from where I live.

Sophia Frempong


Recruiting Managing Director & Partner

Consultant Recruiting

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