Wybierz swoją lokalizację, abyśmy mogli dostosować dla Ciebie wyniki wyszukiwania.

Zapamiętaj moją lokalizację oraz ustawienia językowe.

Climate change, economic inclusion, technological disruption—these are just a few of the areas where business can have a positive societal impact. This isn’t about CSR, karma, or good public relations. By embracing their ethical capacity and helping to address such challenges, companies can reduce their own risk, make their business more resilient, and improve their financial performance. Doing well by doing good is real, and its strategic implications are more important than ever before.

“It’s not enough for companies to pursue societal issues as a side activity.”

“Companies must use their core business—and the scale advantages it offers—to create both positive societal impact and business benefits.”

The Corporate Social Responsibility Model
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