BCG’s Organization Strategy Consulting Rated Best in the World

ALM Intelligence Finds That The Boston Consulting Group Has the Deepest Capabilities and Highest Client Impact in the Industry; Firm Earns Highest Overall Score Across Nine Key Capabilities

BOSTON—The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is the world’s best overall provider of organization strategy consulting, according to a new report by ALM Intelligence, a leading publisher of consulting-market research.

In its latest study of the organization strategy consulting market, ALM found that BCG has the deepest capabilities and the highest client impact of all of the 28 firms studied. In addition, ALM rated BCG either very strong or strong in each of nine key capabilities—an accomplishment no other firm can claim. The nine capabilities are needs assessment, external market insight, internal client insight, strategy, operating system, management system, project management, client capability development, and enablement tools.

Calling BCG one of a small number of market leaders “unique in their ability to independently execute end-to-end projects across the full spectrum of client contexts,” the report, The ALM Vanguard, says that the firm “combines a nuanced, inside-out perspective on how the holistic organizational context determines behaviors with a strategist’s eye for which particular levers will yield outcomes that matter. These attributes pay off particularly well for clients contemplating significant strategic changes that necessitate reconceiving wholesale ways of working, notably including agile teaming. Also distinctive about this firm is its cascaded—as opposed to big bang—approach to organizational change.”

Grant Freeland, a BCG senior partner who serves as the global leader of the firm’s People & Organization practice, said that BCG’s approach is rooted in the firm’s strategy heritage and a deep tradition of thought leadership. “Our unique ability to link people and organization issues with the strategic agenda of the C-suite is a critical part of our differentiation,” he said. “At its core, our approach focuses on changing people’s behavior and instilling new ways of working together.”

Other specific comments about BCG in the ALM report:

  • On Consulting Philosophy. “BCG’s consulting philosophy reflects the firm’s point of view that behaviors drive business performance, and these behaviors are the product of the prevailing context, including the structures, roles, talent, incentives, and performance management system. BCG further holds that achieving performance objectives in the future will increasingly hinge on companies’ ability to cooperate at scale and make and act on decisions at a rapid rate rather than magnify external market complexity in their organizations.”
  • On Service Delivery. “BCG’s service delivery is highly pragmatic. It…uses a variety of diagnostic tools, including a complicatedness survey, to identify barriers to achieving [outcomes of interest]. The point of this is to rapidly seize the opportunity and identify a short list of improvement levers on which to focus….The firm also supports its service delivery with an enablement program for training client personnel in the context of project objectives.”
  • On Tools and Methodologies. “To support cascaded development by client personnel, the firm uses its proprietary OrgBuilder tool, which provides for consistent data management reporting, real-time analytics, and cloud-based usability for large-scale client access and collaboration. To instill more collaborative and fast-paced behaviors, BCG devotes considerable attention to helping clients adopt new ways of working, notably through horizontal, cross-functional teams that operate on agile principles.

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