Matthieu Gombeaud is currently an ambassador at Boston Consulting Group's Henderson Institute (BHI), leading the center for Technology Impact in Business and Geopolitics. As a member of BCG’s Technology Advantage and Consumer practices, he has worked with worldwide market leaders from multiple sectors, covering topics such as growth strategy, data and digital transformations, business innovation model, and post-merger integrations.

Matthieu is currently focusing on investigating the future of AI and its impact on businesses and geopolitics. He has strong expertise in the future of mobility and is passionate about sustainability topics.

Currently based in Paris, he has also worked in the firm’s Buenos Aires, Bogota, and London offices. Prior to joining BCG, Matthieu worked in M&A at Lazard and on the sales team of Areva-Wind.


  • MSc, industrial engineering, Ecole Centrale Paris
Profunda Expertise, Vasta Experiência