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Executional Certainty™

The Executional Certainty approach is the preferred starting point for large-scale change management initiatives because it provides concrete and actionable results. The Executional Certainty approach comprises several major activities, all of which are sharply focused on results.

The Executional Certainty approach provides companies with transparent and holistic insight into the status and progress of their projects, compared against targets of concurrent change initiatives. The approach provides leadership with the ability to be proactive by taking early and decisive action to correct issues as they arise.

Rigorous Program Management is a BCG methodology by which we deliver the Executional Certainty approach. It has a proven track record of helping companies achieve successful change and create real value. RPM uses three primary principles to benefit executives:

  • Clear Accountability. Implement an effective governance structure with explicit roles and processes, and single point accountability for initiatives and financial targets.
  • Transparency on What Matters. Maintain transparency regarding emerging threats to quantified targets.
  • Forward-Looking Course Correction. Use an early warning system to ensure that issues are identified and raised, allowing course correction before results are compromised.

The Activist Program Management Office is the linchpin to our RPM methodology. The PMO acts as a coordinating body during a change effort to ensure consistency across the program. Unlike a passive PMO, an Activist PMO is directly involved in some components of project delivery and plays a critical role in implementation. The Activist PMO:

  • Provides coordination, support, and development of project teams
  • Facilitates initiative preparation, roadmap development, and testing 
  • Ensures that key cross-functional partners are engaged 
  • Establishes and manages a program tracking approach that provides a consistent, program-wide view of progress, issues, and interdependencies 
  • Communicates key information throughout the change effort (e.g. timelines, updates, interdependencies) 
  • Proactively responds to project data (e.g. milestones, KPIs) 
  • Helps resolve issues and escalate where needed

To learn more about how to successfully deliver strategic initiative implementation efforts, please see Strategic Initiative Management: The PMO Imperative, developed in partnership with the Project Management Institute.

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