Personalization and Digital Marketing

New digital channels have precipitated dramatic changes in consumer behaviors and expectations. Businesses must respond by digitally transforming their marketing functions to better anticipate consumer needs.

According to the Adobe Digital Trends report, marketing has changed more in the past two years than in the past 50. Digital has reshaped brand interactions across the purchase cycle. Consumers are increasingly willing to share information, expecting personalized experiences in return, and online competitors are on the verge of taking over customer relationships.

Personalization Requires a Digital Transformation

As digital budgets skyrocket, marketers struggle to accurately tie spending back to profits. Those who do are frequently underwhelmed by their digital ROI. Several challenges get in the way: agencies and publishers, compensated primarily on volume, do not have a direct incentive to eliminate wasteful spend; budgets tend to shift away from “top of funnel” tactics that have high ROI but are hard to measure; and becoming data-centric often requires an overhaul of legacy processes as well as adoption of a new technology ecosystem.

The Benefits of Personalized Digital Marketing Strategies

Tornando-se a Marca Mais Personalizada do Mundo

Tornando-se a Marca Mais Personalizada do Mundo

A Revolução no Marketing Digital

Mastering the Art of Personalization

How BCG’s Data-Driven Marketing Approach is Driving Growth for Leading Marketers

BCG’s Approach to Personalization and Digital Marketing

BCG’s personalization and digital marketing offering plays a unique role in transforming the capabilities of advertisers across industries and around the world. We see that a scientific approach, with thoughtful testing and close coordination between advertiser and agency, is essential to elevating performance. We bring experience that spans the breadth of strategy, marketing operations, marketing tech stock, and digital optimization in order to tackle our clients’ challenges with pragmatic and implementable solutions. Our unmatched personalization program creates a self reinforcing cycle of truly 1:1 customer experiences and deepening brand engagement, delivering value for both customers and the business. We do it by reshaping the way companies operate, to enable unprecedented cross-organizational collaboration.

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