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Driving Value Through Leadership and Talent Capabilities

BCG believes the key to sustainable business performance is tightly linking leadership to talent capability-building and value creation.

When either capability-building or value creation is done in isolation of the other, inferior, unsustainable outcomes result. Taken together and integrated tightly with value creation, leadership and talent development can and should be the engine for exceptional company performance.

This philosophy is core to all the leadership and talent work we do.

At various points across the leadership and talent value chain, companies come to us with questions.  All of these lead back to three core types of needs.

1. Define Leadership and Talent Priorities

  • Do I have the quantity and quality of talent I need to drive my strategy?
  • Do I have the right people in the right places? Where are my gaps?
  • What capabilities are needed to lead in my organization?

2. Design and Deliver Development Programs

  • What people development strategy is needed for our context and people?
  • How can we build the capabilities of our people to succeed in this transformation, while driving the transformation?
  • How do we develop my leadership team as individuals and as a top performing team?

3. Embed Talent Management Capabilities and Systems

  • How do we embed best-in-class talent management systems to support our strategy?
  • How can we set up a truly effective leadership academy to support our ambitions?
  • How do we know if our efforts and investments are effective?

In the words of the CEO, leadership will be a source of competitive advantage for this company.

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