Our Approach to Digital Transformation in Materials and Process Industries

The Center for Digital in Industrials brings BCG’s guiding framework to help companies achieve digital transformation, delivering the full range of capabilities demanded by the unique needs of individual clients in the metals, mining, chemicals, building materials, agribusiness, and FPPP sectors.

BCG’s framework for digital transformation enables clients to create value, deliver growth, achieve efficiencies, and reengineer the customer experience. The Center for Digital in Industrials has customized this successful approach to meet the unique needs of our sector.

The focus of digital transformation is to expand our client’s offerings and transform their core. These efforts require a supporting vision and foundation that is essential and part of any successful transformation.

Build New Offerings. Digital offers the opportunity to reimagine business models by injecting new ideas that are fueled by technology. Our global team of innovators, operators, entrepreneurs, and investors helps companies deliver growth beyond the core in new, adjacent businesses. We also help unlock significant value through digital-enabled services.

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Transform the Core. Digital can revolutionize how industrial companies operate to ensure that they: 

  • Bring the full strength of Industry 4.0 and artificial intelligence (AI) and adaptive automation (AA) to bear to address the sector’s historically high levels of complexity. This includes deploying automated decisions, algorithms, robotics, and simulations to improve decision-making.
  • Break down siloes to create an interconnected value chain. That is, fully integrate across all the different stages of the value chain to ensure efficiency enhancements through interconnected maintenance, inventory management, and other digitalized processes. 
  • Enhance the customer offering through digital marketing and sales initiatives such as e-commerce channels, a digitally enabled sales force, and advanced pricing and marketing analytics.

During this phase, we deploy an iterative set of 3 steps—innovate, pilot, and scale—to identify, develop, test, improve, and implement digital solutions for transforming the core business. Through this approach to ever-evolving digital, BCG is able to unleash value early—and move quickly to evolve those early wins into full-scale and full-impact solutions.

The Center for Digital in Industrials uses five principles to create significant impact. 

  1. Bold. Drive real, transformational change to achieve an ambitious vision. 
  2. 360 Degrees. Create a multidisciplinary delivery team to jointly shape the future of your company and deliver deep technological insights.
  3. Agile. Establish new ways of working that balance quality and speed and that focus all efforts on the needs of the user. 
  4. Hands-On. Go beyond the surface and deep dive into your key processes to get to the core of your business. 
  5. Value Focus. Unlock value early on and stay focused on substantial opportunities.
Center for Digital in Industrials