Working in Beijing

BCG's Beijing office is part of the BCG Greater China System, which also includes Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei and Digital Ventures Shanghai.

Today the Greater China System has nearly 1,000 employees, and around 700 professional consultants with extensive experiences across different sectors and industries, providing a truly globalized network and full scope of consulting services to our clients.

As the first leading consulting firm licensed to be present in China, BCG has been committed to Greater China for more than 30 years and serves both Chinese and global clients.

Work and Culture

History and the Area

BCG in Beijing was founded in 2001. We are BCG's third office in China and a key component of the firm's continuing growth in the region.

It is an exciting time to be in Beijing. Along with being an industrial and commercial powerhouse, the city has become the economic, scientific, and cultural center of the People's Republic.

Who We Work With

The Beijing office serves a wide range of industries and sectors. We work in real estate and city planning, banking and financial services, and technology and communications. In addition, we collaborate with Beijing municipal government on economic and cultural advancement topics.


All five Greater China offices are very active in BCG's international and mobility programs. We have welcomed consultants from Japan, Australia, Italy, the US, Germany, France, and elsewhere, and we have sent members of our team to a number of cities, including Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Frankfurt, London, Tokyo, and Singapore.

The essence of personal development usually lies in charting one's own course and stepping outside the comfort zone. BCG is capable of creating new and exciting possibilities and helping its people maximize their own growth potential.

Bochao Du

The best part, by far, of working at BCG is the people. You will be amazed by how smart and interesting your colleagues can be, and then you will be inspired to learn from them and become your best self.

Shelley Liu

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