Energy & Environment - Shaping a Vision for Belgium’s Power Landscape

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Shaping a Vision for Belgium’s Power Landscape

This report was developed by The Boston Consulting Group for The Federation of Belgian Enterprises (FEB-VBO), which represents more than 50,000 enterprises from 52 sector federations and more than 80 percent of Belgium’s private-sector employment. Our aim was to provide an objective basis for the development of a vision for power in Belgium. To develop the report, we complemented our own analysis with views from a variety of business stakeholders: industrial energy consumers, transmission and distribution companies, electricity generators and suppliers, and their respective federations. We have informed Belgian federal policymakers and national and regional regulators of our work.

Power is a vital commodity, one that should be managed strategically and from a long-term perspective. Considerable thought should be given to the opportunities vis-à-vis the costs and tradeoffs. Policy rationale and ramifications should be transparent to all stakeholders.

For Belgium and its interconnected neighbors in Central Western Europe (CWE), power policies should also, ideally, be formulated at a regional level, if not a broader European level. Today, however, power-related decisions in The European Power Sector continue to be made at a country level, with a limited eye toward the impact on neighboring countries.

Our report therefore focuses on Belgium’s options for its power landscape in light of Europe’s current context. The report’s time horizon extends to 2030, given the long-term investment cycle in power.

Shaping a Vision for Belgium’s Power Landscape