Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys

By Bharat Poddar and Max Hauser

Alfa-Bank now runs entirely on customer journeys, and the benefits to organizing around customer journeys are many: improved cross-functional collaboration, unified KPIs, reduced silos, superior client experiences, and better overall performance. But for traditionally structured companies, like the Russia-based bank, acclimating to this way of working can itself be a journey that requires addressing communications challenges and the need to reskill employees. Given the investment of time and resources that goes into a major customer-journey-at-scale transformation, getting it right is a high-stakes endeavor that calls for innovation and inspiration, as well as an organization-wide willingness to adapt.

It’s also fun, says Michael Tuch, deputy chairman of Alfa-Bank’s executive board and the bank’s retail business director.

BCG’s Bharat Poddar, managing director and senior partner, sat down with Tuch to discuss these topics and the role BCG played in the bank’s transformation. As Tuch observes, it all comes down to people. During the transformation, BCG’s people (led on the ground by managing director and partner Max Hauser) worked seamlessly alongside their new colleagues at Alfa-Bank, developing a shared daily routine and motivation to succeed. The rewards of that success, Tuch says, are well worth the effort.

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Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys