What People Are Saying

A powerful book that offers the keys to growth—deep insight into consumer behavior, stories that energize and excite. A primer for marketers, innovators, and change agents. Rocket can help you open doors and drive growth.

John Mackey
Co-CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods

A compelling blueprint for realizing your full potential. A superb guide for re-imagining your approach to driving growth.

Douglas R. Conant
Founder of Conant Leadership, former president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company, Chairman of Avon Products

Much has been written about Four Seasons legendary service model and the 40,000+ people that bring it to life every day, but Rocket takes a unique approach. By exploring our deep commitment to employees within the context of growth, Rocket shows exactly how a passionate team of employees can transform any brand and position it for success. Rocket is an essential read for any business leader focused on long-term growth.

Isadore Sharp
Founder and Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Engaging and clever lessons that can be applied in any business.

Rocket will help guide you towards the critical factors that cause apostle brands to stand out and thrive. The authors illustrate the necessary traits to build, maintain, and grow successful brands. Very interesting and practical stories covering some of the best brands in the world. A great read for anyone building a brand.

Rocket is an extraordinary book. The book tells the stories and secrets of so many successful companies. The ‘secrets’ are fascinating and extremely thought-provoking. Rocket emphasizes the values of integrity and human dignity; values which we consider to be the keystones of our operations.

Powerful stories from real people who are delivering extraordinary results. Practical ideas that can be implemented immediately. If you have one business book to read this year, this is the one!