BCG Technology Advantage, April 2017

BCG Technology Advantage, April 2017

Much of today's digital change is powered by artificial intelligence, raising questions, challenges, and opportunities. How can leaders best guide their organizations in this AI-enabled world? This collection offers a variety of insights, examples, and considerations. View the full PDF here.

Corporate banks around the world are struggling to generate profit. Jürgen Schwarz discusses the six actions that banks should take to drive value-based revenue and meet client needs.

Looking into the Future of Artificial Intelligence

IDSIA’s Jürgen Schmidhuber, a leading pioneer in the field of AI, discusses his efforts to develop general-purpose problem solvers and explains why we should not fear artificial superintelligence.

Building a Cyberresilient Organization

Because no organization’s cyberdefenses are 100% impenetrable, companies need to develop the ability to weather and recover gracefully from the almost inevitable breaches.