This interactive guide shows how Boston Consulting Group’s list of the year’s 50 most innovative companies has changed over time. The ranking is based on three factors: global innovation executives’ votes for the most innovative companies outside their industry, their votes for the most innovative companies inside their industry, and company financial performance. For more details about BCG’s methodology, click on the About button above.


The Most Innovative Companies 2019

Innovators are doubling down on digital—and embracing AI, platforms, and ecosystems for advantage.

You can explore the list in different ways. Using the tabs at the top, you can see four categories of companies:

  • Steady Innovators. Companies that have appeared on the list every year since 2005
  • New Entrants. Companies that joined the list for the first time this year
  • Returnees. Companies that joined the list this year after at least a one-year absence
  • Movers. Companies that rose at least ten positions in the ranking since last year

The pulldowns allow you to filter the list by industry or individual company. You can zoom into the list by changing the number of years or companies displayed.

This interactive is based on the 2005–2010 BCG/BusinessWeek Senior Executive Innovation Survey and the 2012–2018 BCG Global Innovators Survey of senior executives. For more of our latest thinking about innovation, see The Most Innovative Companies 2019: The Rise of AI, Platforms, and Ecosystems, BCG report, March 2019.

The Most Innovative Companies 2019: An Interactive Guide