This interactive guide shows the changes to The Boston Consulting Group’s list of the most innovative companies.

In the Stories tab, explore four categories of change in the list over time:

  • Steady Innovators. Companies on the list every year from 2005 through 2016
  • Movers. Companies that advanced ten or more positions from 2015 through 2016
  • New Entrants. Companies that first appeared on the list in 2016
  • Returnees. Companies that returned to the list in 2016 after falling off in 2015 or before

In the Industries tab, examine movements within nine industries on the list: automotive, consumer and retail, energy, financial services, health care, industrial products, media and entertainment, technology and telecommunications, and transportation and travel.

For each company on the list beginning in 2005, we have assembled available data for revenues, profits, total shareholder returns, and R&D spending.

This interactive is based on the 2005–2010 BCG/BusinessWeek Senior Executive Innovation Survey and the 2012–2016 BCG Global Innovators Survey of senior executives and represents a wide variety of industries in every region. For more about the latest list and how it was created, see The Most Innovative Companies 2016: Getting Past "Not Invented Here", BCG report, January 2017.

The Most Innovative Companies: An Interactive Guide