Belarusian Grocery Retail: key trends and market outlook

Иван Котов Ivan Kotov Иван Котов Ivan Kotov Андрей Новицкий Andrei Navitski Андрей Новицкий Andrei Navitski Ольга Гладкая Olga Hladkaya Ольга Гладкая Olga Hladkaya Анастасия Солдатова Anastasia Soldatova Анастасия Солдатова Anastasia Soldatova Олег Шендерюк Oleg Shenderyuk Олег Шендерюк Oleg Shenderyuk

BCG offers a comprehensive overview of the Republic of Belarus' grocery retail market. This report includes an overview of the Belarusian economy, a zoom-in on the country's grocery retail market, a brief description of the key laws and regulations governing the local trade, and an analysis of the key consumer trends, along with the profiles of top-10 grocery retailers

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