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Финансовые директора и руководители функций должны всегда следить за рентабельностью, особенно во время длительных трансформационных проектов, требующих значительных вложений. Ознакомьтесь с нашими последними публикациями о состоянии корпоративного развития и финансов в эпоху подрывных изменений.


Finance Function Excellence - The Art of Risk Management: CFO Excellence Series

The Art of Risk Management

Managing risk involves more than complex financial models and formal systems. Here are ten basic principles that should govern the art of risk management.

Finance Function Excellence - Art of Performance Management: CFO Excellence Series

The Art of Performance Management

Before investing in new performance management systems, leaders need to identify the metrics that really matter and design processes for translating data into effective decision making.

How Digital CFOs Are Transforming Finance

CFOs are under the gun. They need to manage the growing burden of regulatory controls while being proactive advisors to the business and ensuring a focus on the bottom line.

The Art of Planning

In today’s increasingly complex and less predictable global environment, planning has never been more difficult—or more important. BCG highlights ten guiding principles for getting it right.

Moving beyond talking

Moving beyond talking

To take action on the ideas explored in Davos, leaders must move beyond the talking phase into the next phase: actively implementing goals and proposing solutions through structured governance.

The Art of Capital Allocation

These days, investors are quick to punish what they regard as wastefulness. They are equally eager to reward smart capital allocation decisions and strong execution.

2020 TMT Value Creators Report | Collection | Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

The 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

After achieving remarkable success in the 2010s, top performers in technology, media, and telecommunications face the challenge of maintaining their impressive trajectory in a volatile and highly competitive market.

Value Creation and Corporate Reinvention

Value Creation and Corporate Reinvention

In the face of industry disruption, management teams need to shift gears, think like owners, and apply the fundamental tools of value creation with a reinvention mindset.

F-Secure’s CRO on Hackers, Hacktivists, and Extremists: An Interview with Mikko Hypponen

F-Secure’s CRO on Hackers, Hacktivists, and Extremists: An Interview with Mikko Hypponen

Activism In Europe, Today and Tomorrow: An Interview with Harlan Zimmerman

How Virgin Galactic Is Turning Moon Shots into Reality: An Interview with Stephen Attenborough

Responding to Disruption

What Are Our Blind Spots in Understanding the Global Economy?

An Interview with Theresa Payton, Former White House Chief Information Officer

Sustaining Europe’s Unique Social-Economic Model: An Interview with Jeroen Dijsselbloem

What’s Next for Europe’s Economy and Political Role: An Interview with Martin Wolf

What Business Leaders Can Learn from an Olympian: An Interview with Lord Sebastian Coe


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