Наши последние наработки в сфере ценообразования

Ценообразование может формировать конкурентные преимущества и форсировать рост в периоды стагнации, соответствуя клиентским ожиданиям или превосходя их. Однако не у всех компаний есть механизмы ценообразования, позволяющие этого добиться. Ознакомьтесь с новыми передовыми идеями BCG по ценообразованию, и вы узнаете, как максимально нарастить прибыль по вашему продуктовому портфолио.


Consumer Sentiment Snapshot Key Charts: June

Consumer Sentiment Snapshot Key Charts: June

Although the numbers of new cases in different countries—and in different states within the US—vary widely, consumers show striking similarity in their views of the pandemic and their plans for future activities.

How to Avoid the Auto Industry’s Looming Price War

How to Avoid the Auto Industry’s Looming Price War

OEMs need to take immediate steps to look after their employees, manage their manufacturing, and stabilize their supply chains. But most important is to reestablish their market positions without slashing prices and sacrificing margins.

COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Pricing in Today’s Competitive Environment

The move to digital has intensified price competition in every industry. BCG’s Jean-Manuel Izaret explains how companies should respond to this more dynamic pricing environment.

Why Transportation and Logistics Companies Must Digitize Their Pricing Function

Discover how the right data, systems, and data science techniques can help companies take pricing to the next level—and deliver measurable bottom-line impact.

Building a Strategic Pricing Organization

Pricing—a critical marketing weapon—can’t be deployed effectively unless companies create a dedicated pricing organization that all functions regard as a partner.

Financial Institutions - How to Reap a Pricing Windfall in Retail Banking

How to Reap a Pricing Windfall in Retail Banking

Superior pricing capabilities offer a potential revenue windfall for retail banks caught in the industry’s crossfire of slow growth, heightened competition, price-conscious customers, and regulatory change.

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