Next-Generation Mining

Just as robotic assembly lines have transformed the auto manufacturing industry, the mining industry is on the verge of a new wave of efficiency powered by technology.

The era of manual equipment operation and surveying is giving way to autonomous operations and advanced processes that are allowing miners to dig deeper than ever, with operators located far from the physical site. Next-generation mining is all about fundamentally transforming mining methods and operating models through step changes in physical processes, the way people work, and the use of information and technology in order to deliver improved economic, safety, and environmental outcomes.

For mining, the so-called “Industrial Internet” is empowered by five important technology trends: low-cost IP-connected sensors and actuators, powerful on-board control systems, ubiquitous high-speed network connectivity, scalable variable cost processing and storage, and advanced algorithms and analytics.

Mining’s next generation will be marked by safer, more productive operations that are less subject to the constraints of geography and better positioned to make the most of capital expenditures.

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