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The Swiss Aviation Ecosystem: Flying Blind After 2030

Daniel Kessler Tzvetan Naydenov Michael Savolainen

This report presents the findings of the fifth joint study by the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce and The Boston Consulting Group. Our previous joint studies explored multiple facets of the mutually beneficial relationship between multinational companies (MNCs) and Switzerland—from the time when MNCs were a small but fast-growing sector in the Swiss economy to the time when they became a driving force in Switzerland’s GDP growth, employment, and innovation.

In light of the high-stakes relationships between MNCs and Switzerland, and the growing importance of continuing to attract these companies to Switzerland, we chose to focus, in this study, on one vital aspect of what makes Switzerland particularly appealing to MNCs—the airports.

Ample and convenient access to air travel is taken for granted in Switzerland. And the Swiss are avid air travelers—taking among the highest number of flights per capita per year in Europe.

Strong global connectivity, afforded in large part by the Swiss air transportation system, has made Switzerland a country that is truly international. Major multinational companies from around the world and prominent international organizations are prevalent—many of which have located their global and regional headquarters as well as their R&D in Switzerland.

While Swiss aviation has facilitated, and continues to facilitate, all of these developments—from which the Swiss economy and society have profited greatly—there has not yet been adequate consideration of the full extent and significance of the aviation sector’s contribution to Switzerland’s prosperity.

This report explores the significance of the Swiss aviation sector from a holistic point of view—measuring not only its economic impact but also the more elusive benefits that stem from Switzerland’s connectivity to the rest of the world and its attractiveness as a destination location.

This is a much needed wake-up call for the Swiss federal government to reassess its role in steering a national strategy for the aviation sector. By reevaluating its involvement, the federal government has the opportunity not only to increase its participation in fostering the successful future of Swiss aviation but also to enhance the benefits it provides to the people and the country it serves.

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