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Video Advertising: How the Battle of TV vs. Digital is Shaping Up

Jacob Rosenzweig Anne Nguyen Rachel Eccleston

The global video advertising industry is in the throes of a digital revolution. Digital video advertising is experiencing explosive growth in the UK and yet, digital video still has a long way to go before eclipsing TV.

Will digital video eventually surpass TV advertising spend much as search and digital display has done to print? Or will the pendulum swing back in TV’s favour? Is the advertising industry’s investment in digital video justifiable? What strategies will guarantee survival for TV players? What tactics will drive growth for digital players?

To answer these questions, BCG has researched more than 100 reports, market studies and articles, and conducted multiple interviews with senior UK marketing professionals, including advertisers, agency employees, and industry representatives. This article sets out the key battlegrounds and potential scenarios to help players prepare for the future. We also recommend strategic moves to stay relevant amidst the current uncertainty.

Our findings, UK-centric yet globally relevant, reveal a clear lack of consensus around whether digital video or TV broadcasters will deliver the greatest return on advertising investment.

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