BCG Partners with World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum engages leaders from all facets of society—business, politics, academia, and beyond—to shape global, regional, and industry agendas and drive positive change. As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, BCG joins a select group of about 120 global companies closely aligned with the Forum's commitment to improving the state of the world.

Like our fellow members, BCG attends the renowned Annual Meeting in Davos, the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in China, and many regional meetings. As a strategic partner, we do even more. The World Economic Forum taps BCG’s people and insights for its collaborative projects, publications, and global communities. The goal of this work is to engage stakeholders, improve policymaking, inform business decisions, and share best practices.


Each year, BCG attends Davos alongside global business, government, social sector, academic, and media leaders. We take this opportunity to learn from our peers, connect with clients, and contribute our own thought leadership on an international stage. 


Around the World with WEF

Our Projects

We are currently collaborating on five projects with the World Economic Forum, exploring a broad spectrum of topics.

Our Engagement


Project Fellows

BCG consultants have worked as "Project Fellows" with the Forum, playing key roles in managing projects—from initial analysis, to multistakeholder input, to publication of the research.  


Global Councils

BCGers have joined invitation-only councils focusing on critical topics including gender parity, education, emerging multinationals, telecommunication, and more. 


Young Global Leaders

Current and former BCGers have been selected to join this community of exceptional people under 40 years old, who share a commitment to shaping the future through inspiring and impactful leadership. 


Global Shapers

Current and former BCGers have been selected to join this community of engaged young people in 156 countries, driving action for meaningful change.  

World Economic Forum