Growing Business Through Applied Data Science and Advanced Technology

We believe that competitive advantage exists at the intersection of data science, technology, people, and deep business expertise. To unlock true power, AI must be woven into processes and ways of working and applied where it really matters.


我们构建的解决方案可帮助全球的知名企业在 9 至 12 个月内实现转型并提高业务绩效;充分发挥大量复杂数据的力量,营造支持创新和重大变革的文化。我们利用具备人工智能技术、自筹资金的敏捷型解决方案,确保客户实现持续改进。我们从第一天开始就注重赋能,与客户共同创建解决方案,同时积累资产和能力。


我们有一个称为 GAMMA 的特别团队,该团队由充满热情和创意且拥有敏锐商业头脑的顶尖数据科学家和技术人员组成。

这是业务与数据科学和技术的结合,是以业务为支柱的强大分析团队。速度,规模、安全。智能。BCG GAMMA。

GAMMA Works to Transform Client Business for Maximum Impact

From highways to clinical care programs, GAMMA has reduced error rates and helped cut costs by giving clients analytical solutions for doing better business.

BCG GAMMA Leadership


Sylvain Duranton

Managing Director & Senior Partner, Global Leader, BCG GAMMA

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BCG GAMMA 的目标是使企业可以通过高风险用例产生影响力,从而改变其业务的发展轨道。我们取得的实际成功包括:

At H&M, AI Stands for Amplified Intelligence

At H&M, AI Stands for Amplified Intelligence

At H&M, AI Stands for Amplified Intelligence

AI Helps Doctors Spot a Lethal Condition in ICUs

AI Helps Doctors Spot a Lethal Condition in ICUs

Career Path Optimization

Career Path Optimization

Spend AI

Spend AI

Coordinating a Multiuser Coal Chain Using a Digital Twin

Coordinating a Multiuser Coal Chain Using a Digital Twin

Hyperpersonalization in Member Marketing for a Regional Retailer

Hyperpersonalization in Member Marketing for a Regional Retailer


How AI Is Revolutionizing Teck Resources Limited

BCG’s work with the mining company not only improved operational efficiency but also minimized the company’s impact on the environment.

Our Approach

BCG GAMMA employs a three-step process that ensures measurable results:

  1. Envision: A rapid sprint to set ambitions and identify game-changing sources of value hidden in large and complex data
  2. AI Activator: Agile, self-funding, and AI-powered value creation in four phases:  • Inflection: Pressure-test use cases  • Prototype: Build customized Proof of Concept to validate business case and feasibility  • Incubation: Launch MVP and improve in agile sprints  • Exponential: Scale across the organization and continuously improve
  3. Enable: Diagnose needs and kick-start the organizational IT infrastructure transformation by building the capabilities required for continued success

BCG GAMMA Brings a Wealth of Experience Across Many Topics


Responsible AI

Socially responsible artificial intelligence is crucial for today's organizations. Find out how BCG's responsible AI approach can deliver transformative value to your business.

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Lighthouse by BCG

Lighthouse, BCG’s high-frequency data and analytics platform, allows companies to anticipate meaningful shifts in consumer demand—and pivot quickly.

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Phosa, BCG’s proprietary AI solution, helps companies uncover opportunities hidden in existing continuous-process operations, offering real-time recommendations that create transformational change and improve performance at any stage of the process.

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Medium:BCG GAMMA 的前沿洞察

Medium Publications


Getting to the Root of Data Bias in AI

Inherent errors can greatly compromise the validity of the data used in artificial intelligence programs. Understanding how and where such distortions arise can help reduce them significantly.

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