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Entertainment Goes Online - A $5 Billion Opportunity

The past decade has seen a global transformation in how consumers watch videos and listen to music. From the days of terrestrial broadcast, social viewing of television to highly personalised, small screen consumption - the media industry is witnessing a transformation like no other. The rate of change in the industry only continues to accelerate, with hyper-competitive dynamics coming into play in India. There are the traditional players, and a strong push from global and more nimble companies go get into the OTT space. At the same time, India’s appetite for entertainment continues to increase as high speed broadband connectivity, ease of payment options and a availability of multiple platforms creates the right environment for the consumers.

Powered by a first-of-its-kind consumer survey, this report seeks to address the changing Indian consumer, learnings from other global markets, niche areas such as internationalization, music and regional acting as the key strategic imperatives and the agenda which can drive success in a $5 Billion market.

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