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Mobility Innovation

Emerging technologies—particularly in communication, connectivity, big data, and artificial intelligence—make mobility innovation possible. (To better understand the emerging universe of mobility innovations, we categorize and define the latest technologies and offerings.)

So-called onboard technology—that is, the devices and tools available in a vehicle—includes electrification and much of the hardware that makes autonomous driving possible. Yet most of the software and computing power that connects travelers and vehicles is offboard. 

Offboard central intelligence systems merge information from rail, bus, air, and road vehicles. Several distributed service providers allow users to access the compiled information on real-time traffic using smartphones and even public info screens.

Conducting Mobility Scenario Assessments

With the future of mobility evolving so quickly, incumbent and emerging players face important business and investment decisions. The actions they take now will determine their access to future profit pools. 

Significant uncertainties remain about which product and service portfolios will win, how quickly new technology will penetrate the market, how trends will differ across regions, and which business models will be capture the opportunities to monetize mobility offerings. 

To help mitigate risk and maximize potential profit, the center team helps our clients assess all the alternative future scenarios and identify the moves that the scenarios would dictate. 

Through the scenario assessments, BCG’s Center for Mobility Innovation helps clients:

  • Assess and prioritize trends in the mobility system 
  • Derive implications for the client’s portfolios, supply chain positioning, and upcoming business decisions 
  • Identify no-regret moves that create value in all scenarios 
  • Define actions plans and roadmaps 
  • Anchor prospective thinking in strategic processes that can be updated and revised regularly as scenarios change.

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Center for Mobility Innovation
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