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Urban Mobility

The need for mobility innovations is most critical in urban areas, which require new options to combat traffic congestion, air pollution, and space constraints. The rise in urbanization is exacerbating these problems and elevating the demand for action. At the same time, consumers in cities are increasingly moving away from vehicle ownership and toward the use of shared mobility on demand.

BCG's Mobility Navigator

With so many new technologies and innovative business models changing the nature of urban mobility, city decision makers need a structured way to assess and benchmark the "smart" maturity of their mobility systems and identify improvement potential

BCG’s Smart Urban Mobility Navigator can assess a city’s maturity along several dimensions in mobility, such as, next-generation public transport and inter-modal systems. The navigator uses interviews and workshops to engage all the relevant parties and gather information about the existing mobility offerings. 

In parallel, user surveys, quantitative benchmarking, and ride-alongs are used to identify the mobility challenges facing the city. 

The center taps the findings of the maturity assessment and the pain point analysis to help the city develop action plan to shape the future of mobility.

The methodology has been jointly designed with our partner Siemens Mobility Consulting.

Mobility Sprint

In what we call a mobility sprint, the center’s experts work with officials to identify and assess solutions that enhance mobility in a city. Working together, we prioritize 3 to 5 mobility concepts and analyze important details. for piloting those concepts.

Those concepts are honed through:
  • Ethnographic research. What does a typical “day in the life of a citizen” look like? What are the mobility pain points of city residents today? Can we derive personas for the type of users and potential users of mobility solutions?  
  • Market dynamics and trends. What are the current market dynamics in the mobility sector? What lessons can be gleaned from other cities around the globe?  
  • Industry expert interviews. What approaches are leading mobility experts advising? What lessons can be gleaned from BCG's global project experience in mobility? 
  • An internal scan of city initiatives. Which initiatives are ongoing? Which projects are currently in the pipeline?

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