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Oil and gas wells and installations—developed in the 1970s and later—are reaching the end of their useful lives, and an intense period of offshore decommissioning is ramping up worldwide. But the process is a costly challenge. In fact, the value at stake in handling these projects properly could be worth several billion dollars for many countries. In the North Sea alone, the aggregate estimates for a decommissioning cost is close to $150 billion.





  • 制定目标、战略和总体规划。
  • 建立并加强正确的治理、财政和风险管理以及技术监管框架。
  • 为运营者设立一个单独的协作平台,分享课程、解决问题并探索联合运动。
  • 明确解除运作的义务。
  • 严格制定并推行业绩议程。



虽然将解除运作成本减少30%的目标很宏大,但我们与政府和运营商合作的经验显示,此目标还是可行的。BCG 已与业内相关方合作,在国家、企业和项目层面大幅削减了解除运作成本。为实现目标,运营商和政府需要一个详细的路线图,用于指导应用众多杠杆,旨在最有效地利用解除运作的资源。


Reducing the Cost of Decommissioning Oil and Gas

Operators worldwide need to dramatically slash costs when it comes to the decommissioning of oil and gas installations and wells. But cost reduction isn’t a concern solely for oil and gas industry players. Governments also have a vested interest in reducing costs: taxpayers can be on the hook for as much as 50% to 80% of the bill for offshore decommissioning. Recognizing the urgency, some governments have set a goal to reduce a decommissioning cost by 30% or more. But the path to achieving reductions of this magnitude remains uncertain.

Although the goal of reducing decommissioning costs by 30% is ambitious, our experience supporting governments and operators suggests that it is achievable. BCG has worked with industry players to significantly cut decommissioning costs at the national, company, and project level. To get there, operators and governments need a detailed roadmap that directs the application of a variety of levers that are designed to make the most efficient use of decommissioning resources.

In developing cost reduction roadmaps for oil and gas decommissioning projects, we have identified dozens of sources of value and risk. To capture the value and mitigate the risks, leading operators and governments have applied six cost-reduction levers.

Preparing for the Next Wave of Offshore Decommissioning

The Application of Six Levers Can Enable 30% Savings in Decommissioning Oil and Gas

No single lever is sufficient by itself. To realize cost reductions of as much as 30%, BCG's decommissioning consulting services team helps stakeholders take an orchestrated approach that applies each of the levers relevant to a specific decommissioning project or campaign.

Fit-For-purpose design and decommissioning technology

Intelligent multiproject campaigns

Excellent project planning and execution

Factory Model

Innovative contract models

The right team

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