Meet Andrea Gori

“It’s incredible to be so connected with green projects across the world, helping international clients develop ways of being greener and more sustainable, while working with hundreds of nationalities.”

Andrea Gori headshot
Andrea Gori
Project Leader

A global set of skills

I joined BCG as an intern in 2015 and was on-boarded full time in 2016, moving from the Dubai office to Paris, and then back again. I’m interested in a lot of things, and that curiosity has shaped my education and career. I have an MSc in International Finance from HEC Paris. I also have a Master’s degree from the London School of Economics’ IDEAS think tank in International Strategy and Diplomacy. I have worked at JPMorgan in a work experience program. At BCG, I can put all of these interests into practice using a 360-degree worldview. As a project leader and BCG Global Green Champion, my work involves traveling the world to work with clients in multiple jurisdictions, and combining multiple strands of knowledge into solutions.

From Tuscany to Dubai

I grew up in the beautiful Tuscany countryside which is very different to Dubai! But I’m delighted to be here. I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, and Dubai brings its own energy to the mix. You believe that anything is possible here; and people are genuinely committed to bold thinking and finding solutions to global problems. As part of the BCG team, it’s wonderful to be on the frontline.

Championing green initiative

I’ve always cared about the environment, even as a child. Perhaps it’s because of the beauty of the countryside I grew up in. I want to make sure it exists in the future so that other generations can enjoy it.

I’m the BCG Global Green Champion, and previously headed up the BCG Green Team for the Middle East. For me, it’s incredible to be so connected with green projects around the world, helping international clients develop ways of being greener and more sustainable, while working with people from hundreds of nations.

BCG is not only at the frontier of sustainability in businesses, but is also a leader in understanding what innovation can bring to the table. It’s beautiful for me that we can enable businesses to take green leadership roles, inspire them with global stories, and then also dive into details to address specific challenges.

Attending COP26

My role as green champion gave me a chance to represent BCG at COP26 in Glasgow.

Being there was brilliant because you realize you’re building on the contributions of thousands of people, all coming together. As the BCG delegation, we were the only appointed consultancy of COP and we approached COP26 with the strength of our convictions, knowing well that businesses can endorse a fully green agenda and then follow through.

It was incredible to hold discussions with global policymakers and business leaders, and to be able to lead with integrity. First, because we’ve put our own BCG house in order and have implemented sustainability principles across our daily operations. And second, because BCG is at the forefront of sustainability, helping the world’s biggest corporations do the right thing when it comes to combating climate change and environmental challenges.

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