BCG and Microsoft Collaborate to Launch BCG’s Catalyst Cloud Solution on Azure, a New Scalable and Extensible Data Platform for the Bionic Corporation

Strategic Collaboration between BCG and Microsoft Delivers an End-to-End Data and AI Cloud Platform, As Well As an App Store of BCG Analytical Tools, Powered by Microsoft Azure

BOSTON—Boston Consulting Group (BCG) today announced the launch of the Catalyst Cloud data platform by BCG, powered by Microsoft Azure. This SaaS-based, scalable offering combines BCG’s Digital IP, business process acumen, and best practices with Microsoft’s powerful cloud computing capabilities in a next-generation platform that helps customers use AI and advanced analytics to manage their data, strategy, and business processes.

As organizations around the world seek to leverage their data and apply AI to their core business processes, they struggle to put in place flexible, easy-to-use tools to empower their people. To address this, BCG has built Catalyst Cloud—a single, unique, and unified platform that enables business decision-makers to manage, model, analyze, and visualize data—and empowers them with the best insights to predict outcomes, accelerate precise decision-making, reduce risk, and gain operational efficiencies.

“Successful companies of the future will be bionic. They will blend human and technological capabilities to achieve operational resilience and sustained advantage. With Catalyst Cloud on Azure, BCG and Microsoft continue a legacy of collaboration to accelerate our pace of innovation in service to our clients,” said Tom Reichert, Global Leader, DigitalBCG.

Microsoft Azure is enabling organizations’ digital transformation by supporting their real-world needs; meeting evolving regulatory requirements; ensuring consistent identity, developer extensibility, and security across applications; solving data storage and infrastructure challenges; and leveraging Microsoft development tools to drive innovation across industries. With Catalyst Cloud on Azure, BCG project teams will be able to offer clients enhanced capacity to develop customized solutions and facilitate plug-and-play for myriad downstream use cases.

“Building Catalyst Cloud on Microsoft Azure will enhance the ability of BCG’s world-renowned data scientists and consultants to help customers across industries and geographies make smarter data-driven decisions, and so realize greater insights and value from their cloud strategy,” said Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing, and Operations. “We look forward to growing our long-standing partnership with BCG, and to taking Catalyst Cloud to the next level.”

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