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Consumer Sentiment Snapshot Key Charts: September

As the days grow shorter and the summer of 2020 draws to an end, consumer sentiment and behavior remain fairly consistent, as they have since May, despite fluctuations in the rate of new COVID-19 cases as a percentage of a country’s first-observed peak—including a resurgence of cases in the US in June and July and now a resurgence of cases in France in August and September. Whether the sharply increasing new case numbers in France and continued unpredictable numbers in the US will significantly alter consumer sentiment in the next month or two remains uncertain. However, we see that levels of concern are substantially lower in France when compared with the US despite the resurgence of the coronavirus there.

As we move into the fall, parents and students in both countries are expressing concern over the quality of education that children will receive during the pandemic, as well as mixed preferences with regard to at-home versus in-school education formats. That said, the majority of parents in our surveys indicate that they are able to educate their children through their preferred format. With the US presidential election nearing in November, we see strong signs that the pandemic will be an influential matter for many voters. Look for our upcoming feature article on consumer sentiment related the US election in late October.

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BCG消费者洞察智库(CCI)基于对企业战略和竞争态势的深入了解,采用独一无二的整合方式同时开展定量和定性的消费者调研。CCI与BCG各专项密切合作,将洞察转化为切实可行的战略,从而为客户带来实质性的经济效益。CCI汇聚了有关全球新兴及发达市场消费者的丰富数据。CCI得到了BCG营销和销售专项以及全球优势专项的大力支持。欢迎访问 了解更多资讯。

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Consumer Sentiment Snapshot Key Charts: September