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CO2 AI by BCG: AI for Sustainability

BCG’s proprietary artificial intelligence solution, CO2 AI, enables companies to measure emissions exhaustively, accurately, and frequently—and design the right initiatives to reduce their environmental footprint.

How AI Can Help the Environment

Despite good intentions, companies are struggling to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in line with targets. One of the challenges they face is not being able to measure their environmental footprint accurately. Our recent carbon measurement survey found that just 9% of companies currently measure emissions comprehensively—and the estimated error rate in emissions measurements is 30% to 40%.

How can AI help the environment and accelerate sustainability efforts? Our AI-powered software solution from BCG GAMMA, CO2 AI, enables companies to reliably quantify their emissions, set appropriate targets, and reduce emissions by as much as 40%.

How CO2 AI Measures and Reduces Emissions

CO2 AI is a unique, end-to-end, ready-to-deploy software solution that can be used across all industries, including oil and gas, biopharmaceuticals, automotive, consumer products, and more. It not only accurately measures emissions directly produced by the company's own activities (Scopes 1 and 2) but it also quantifies the more difficult-to-measure, indirect emissions produced along the company's entire value chain (Scope 3).

CO2 AI delivers five features to support AI for sustainability and decision making throughout the net-zero journey:

  • Footprint Explorer. Offers an accurate baseline of the company’s current environmental footprint.
  • Roadmap Designer. Empowers leaders to set appropriate targets, create a clear roadmap, and prioritize emission reduction initiatives.
  • Optimizers. Applies customized algorithms to company operations in real time to reduce emissions.
  • Simulator. Simulates the potential impact of abatement activities and automatically recommends the best abatement options.
  • Initiative Tracker. Tracks ongoing initiatives, monitors impact at a glance, and instantly provides progress updates.

CO2 AI is not just a tool for the sustainability team. It empowers strategic and operational decision making across an entire business, from product design to procurement to production to distribution.

The Benefits of CO2 AI

Offering the world’s smartest and most comprehensive sustainability database—enriched with proprietary algorithms and machine-learning models—CO2 AI delivers transformative results. BCG clients have achieved extraordinary benefits:

  • Measuring a company’s environmental footprint. Up to 50% improvement in establishing an accurate emissions baseline.
  • Reducing the environmental footprint. Up to 40% decrease in greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Deciding on targets to reduce emissions. Up to 40% reduction in gap to target.

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Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Reduce Carbon and Costs with the Power of AI

Artificial intelligence has the potential to reduce companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and cut costs by monitoring their carbon footprint and then reducing it through increased efficiency.