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The So What from BCG: Rewriting the Unwritten Rules at Work

Nan DasGupta played soccer in her youth and worked as an engineer at GE early in her career, so she has firsthand experience in pushing into male-dominated fields. DasGupta, a BCG people and organization expert and Women@BCG leader, talks about the difficulties in breaking down bias at work, how bias prevents men from assuming more caregiving responsibilities, the importance of role models, and why nobody wants to talk about menopause.

It’s Frontline Leaders Who Make or Break Progress on Diversity

In companies where frontline leaders aren’t committed to diversity and inclusion, employees are two times more likely to feel excluded at work and nearly three times more likely to seek employment elsewhere. Hear five ways to engage frontline leaders.

Diversity Is Just the First Step. Inclusion Comes Next.

Companies can’t capture the real value of a diverse workforce until they create an organizational culture that welcomes everyone—truly everyone—to participate. Hear the five key success factors to creating an inclusive culture.

Flex Work Programs that Actually Work

Flexible work options are increasingly becoming a business imperative. Hear the six imperatives that make flexible-work programs truly effective.

Making the Workplace Work for Dual-Career Couples

Hear how companies can supporting the large and growing number of employee in dual-career couples, and gain a competitive edge in the war for talent

Dispelling the Myths of the Gender “Ambition Gap”

Ambition is not a fixed attribute, nor is it impacted by the decision to become a parent. Ambition is nurtured—or damaged—by the daily interactions and opportunities women face in a company over time.

Closing the Gaps

How to Boost the Global Economy by Up to $5 Trillion

Removing barriers to gender equality in entrepreneurship and empowering women who own businesses could fuel massive global economic growth.

How to Close the Gender Gap in STEM Careers

Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code, and Mick Liubinskas, partner and director at BCG and author of She’s Building a Robot discuss their career paths, the early messages girls receive about STEM, and the roles we all need to play to change that narrative.

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    How AI Could Help—or Hinder—Women in the Workforce

  • podcast-aerospace-youtube-tcm9-245067.png

    How Women Can Help Close the Talent Gap in Aerospace and Defense

  • podcast-women-digital-youtube-tcm9-245068.png

    Winning the Race for Women in Digital

  • podcast-2groups-youtube-tcm9-245070.png

    Two Groups You Can’t Ignore (But Probably Do) in the War for Talent

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    Women on the Move: Shaping Leaders Through Overseas Postings

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    Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet

Effective D&I Interventions

Fixing the Flawed Approach to Diversity

Although nearly all companies have diversity programs in place only about a quarter of employees in diverse groups said that they have personally benefited. Hear how to develop effective diversity and inclusion programs.

Getting the Most from Your Diversity Dollars

Companies are investing, but gender diversity programs are not having the impact they should. Hear how companies can get a better return on their diversity dollars and avoid overrated initiatives that drain the budget and don’t move the needle.

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

Measuring What Matters in Gender Diversity

Do you know what your company should be tracking to ensure gender diversity? Are you drowning in data? Or are you guided by government mandates? Learn which metrics really matter when it comes to making a difference in an organization.

How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation

Diversity drives innovation and innovation drives diversity. BCG Alumna Rocío Lorenzo explains how diverse leadership teams establish themselves and thrive.

Engaging Men

How Millennial Men Can Help Break the Glass Ceiling

Younger men are closely aligned with women in how they view gender diversity challenges—and should be a significant part of the solution. Hear five ways companies can improve the workplace for everyone.

Advancing Gender Diversity: From Backlash to Buy-in

As the movement to advance women in business and society gains traction, so does backlash and resistance. Learn the reasons people respond differently to this change, underlying drivers of resistance, and what leaders can do to help.

Career Discussions with BCGers and Alumna

The Rocker and the Soprano

Karthik Valluru and Katherine Smith discuss their mentor-mentee relationship and hear how the OPS NOW (Operations Practice Network of Women) is designed to advance women.

From Law to Consulting to Reducing Bias in the Workplace

Alumna Barbara Hyman discusses her career path, how her company is helping to eliminate bias in the hiring process, which BCG tools she still uses today, and her advice to her younger self.

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    Embracing the Opportunities in Digital and Analytics

  • ep22-youtube-onebcgmanypaths-andrea-gallego-tcm9-245121.jpg

    How a Career in STEM Fundamentally Drives the World

  • podcast-onebcgmanypaths-ambramson-youtube-tcm9-245132.png

    The Dividends of Investing in Diversity

  • podcast-onebcgmanypaths-amouyel-youtube-tcm9-245130.png

    Following Your Purpose with a Side of Trial and Error

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    Helping an “Old school” Industry Embrace Diversity

  • podcast-onebcgmanypaths-taplett-youtube-tcm9-245126.png

    From Banking to Ballet to Management Consulting

  • ep22-youtube-onebcgmanypaths-andrea-gallego-tcm9-245121.jpg

    How a Career in STEM Fundamentally Drives the World