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Deep Tech

Deep tech is no longer exclusively the province of tech giants and the scientific community. BCG’s deep tech consultants help clients leverage emerging technologies, engage deep tech ecosystems, and deliver both sustainability and profitability without compromise.

What Is Deep Tech?

Deep tech involves leveraging mature and emerging technologies to solve the largest problems facing the world today—while enabling bold business objectives and invigorating value chains.

Emerging technologies hold plenty of promise—but without a way to focus the right tech on the most pressing challenges, companies can’t gain their full value. BCG has pioneered strategies enabling organizations to go beyond the limits of traditional technology and achieve expanded functionality, sharper decision making, and sustainable operations.

Our Approach to Deep Tech and Deep Tech Ecosystems

BCG works with clients to redefine their value chains, revamp the way they work, and adapt to disruption by deploying big-impact, high-capital technologies such as artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, quantum computing, and augmented reality. Our deep tech consulting is distinct in scale and expertise:

  • We monitor accelerating deep tech trends to generate insight, and we make recommendations on best use cases and investments. 
  • BCG’s experts recognize situations where a firm could disrupt its industry through deep tech deployments—or where a competitor is threatening disruption. 
  • Our consultants act as catalysts between multiple players in the deep tech ecosystem, bringing within reach the extensive capabilities needed for successful ideation, setup, and scaling of deep tech ventures. 
  • BCG’s deep tech experts pay close attention to climate change and sustainability issues, leveraging powerful solutions to fuel real progress on this most urgent issue.   

Our Insights on Deep Tech Trends and Applications

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Breaking the Cost Barrier on Biomanufacturing

Demand is solidifying for products that use biological processes and genetically modified microorganisms in place of traditional production methods. But for change to happen, costs must come down.


An Investor’s Guide to Deep Tech

The technologies of the future are not for the faint-hearted, but the markets that deep tech opens and the returns that startups realize can be huge.

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Synthetic Biology Is About to Disrupt Your Industry

Synthetic biology technologies are finally maturing, becoming the way almost anything can be manufactured competitively and sustainably. Businesses must learn to use syn-bio to develop new products and processes, improve existing ones, and reduce costs to remain competitive in the future.

What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech - rectangle

What CEOs Need to Know About Deep Tech

Any business that has set sustainability goals, produces a physical product, or supports a business that produces a physical product will need to incorporate one or more deep technologies.

Meet Our Deep Tech Consulting Team and Partnerships

Members of our deep tech consulting team think about both the immediate opportunities to engage tech and the horizon of tech evolution. BCG’s experts draw on their varied backgrounds and wide-ranging relationships with clients throughout the world.

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Hello Tomorrow

We have an exclusive strategic partnership with Hello Tomorrow, an international organization that promotes disruptive solutions built around unique, protected, or hard-to-reproduce technological and scientific advances. Through this partnership, BCG and our clients gain early access to emerging technologies and to a network of more than 3,000 deep tech startups.

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