Oncology Solutions

The rapid acceleration of oncology research and therapeutics presents a tremendous opportunity for life science companies, hospitals, and—most importantly—patients. BCG offers oncology consulting services to businesses, NGOs, and health care systems to help them uncover insights and create value.

We partner with our clients to deliver end-to-end oncology solutions that span R&D and manufacturing to commercialization and customer engagement models. Our diverse team of oncology consultants—which includes medical doctors, researchers, industry specialists, and beyond—combines deep, data-driven insights and the latest digital capabilities to accelerate growth, drive innovation, increase access and equity, and unlock value. The ultimate goal? Delivering cutting-edge oncology solutions that improve patient outcomes and quality of life.

Our Oncology Solutions

We support clients across the entire oncology ecosystem with their scientific, commercial, and organizational needs. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Research and Development. We partner with biopharma and medtech players to accelerate drug development, enhance their data science and analytic capabilities, identify key areas for oncology research, promote broader access, and improve clinical trials. Our teams have experience across all modalities, including immuno-oncology, cell therapy, gene therapy, antibody-drug conjugates, companion diagnostics, and more; we focus on everything from the capability-building stage to operations, with special expertise in supply chain management.
  • Operations and Operating Models. Our oncology consultants have helped clients design their organization and governance structures, streamline their operating models, conduct strategic planning exercises, maximize productivity, and unlock efficiencies—from drug research to the vetting of potential partners.
  • Strategy. We’ve worked with clients to unlock new opportunities and tap into new markets, build growth strategies, craft value frameworks, and transform their organizations’ scientific and organization goals. Our teams draw on a legacy of corporate strategy—and portfolio strategy, in particular—to rapidly analyze oncology players’ complex portfolios and help them align on priorities.
  • Commercial. Our oncology consulting services help organizations accelerate and optimize their commercialization efforts by supporting product and new venture launches, conducting competitor and market analyses, crafting effective pricing strategies, shaping medical affairs practices, and driving toward improved patient outcomes. We deploy diverse teams that understand the complex cross-functional needs that are required to succeed in oncology and can help clients balance their priorities accordingly.

Our Client Work in Oncology Solutions

BCG has rich experience in providing oncology consulting services to clients across regions and industries, including hospitals, private equity firms, NGOs, research institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Examples include:


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Our oncology consulting team includes scientifically and medically trained experts as well as functional, industry, and data and analytics specialists. We help clients create value for patients and caregivers with an unmatched depth and breadth of commercial and organizational expertise and oncology insights.

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