Public Sector

Public Sector

Public sector organizations face pressure to deliver more for their citizens than ever before. BCG’s public sector consultants help government leaders meet—and surpass—these expectations.

To improve the social, economic, and environmental well-being of citizens—today and tomorrow—governments must be responsive, agile, and capable of creatively solving complex problems. Yet many public sector organizations remain hierarchical, bureaucratic, and built for a bygone era. The public sector can positively impact billions of lives by solving pressing societal challenges, responding to crises, and capitalizing on AI, among other valuable initiatives, but it must transform how it’s organized and how it operates.

How BCG Helps Transform Public Sector Organizations

BCG’s public sector consultants support governments around the world by bringing together our insights and capabilities from the private sector and from decades of experience supporting public sector clients. Our government consulting teams have completed more than a thousand public sector consulting projects in the past five years. We also founded, and continue to support, the independent Centre for Public Impact; a learning partner for governments, public servants, and those leading the charge to reimagine government so that it works for everyone.

  • Public sector transformations equip organizations with the right delivery models to realize their vision and achieve stakeholder buy-in, as well as the communication strategies necessary to support the transformation journey. Our framework for transformation in the public sector focuses on process, progress, transparency, and people.
  • Embracing new technologies such as AI and blockchain is only part of successful digital transformation in the public sector. Changes to culture, organization structures, capabilities, governance, and workflows are also critical to long-term success. BCG’s Center for Digital Government can assess organizations’ digital maturity and identify opportunities to enhance public sector digital strategy.
  • Talent is one of government’s greatest assets, particularly in the digital age. BCG works with public sector clients to develop world-class people and organizational capabilities, build agile organizations, support leadership development, manage change, and undertake HR transformations.
  • At all levels, public sector institutions can do more with less. We help optimize cost and productivity, manage costs, deliver higher quality through lean approaches, and professionalize the procurement function. BCG’s market-informed design and sourcing framework (MIDAS) is one tool that improves public sector procurement and creates greater value.

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