Public Sector

Public Sector

Public sector organizations face pressure to deliver more for their citizens, from seamless digital services to new policies to address complex societal challenges. BCG’s public sector consultants help the public sector meet—and surpass—these expectations.

Providing better outcomes for citizens means being responsive, agile, and capable of creatively solving complex problems. Yet many public sector organizations remain hierarchical, bureaucratic, and built for a bygone era. To perform on all fronts—providing basic constituent services, solving pressing societal challenges, and responding to crises—governments must transform how they’re organized and how they operate.

How BCG Helps Transform Public Sector Organizations

BCG’s public sector consultants support governments around the world by bringing together our insights and capabilities from the private sector and decades of experience supporting public sector clients. We’ve completed more than 1,000 projects in the public sector over the past five years. We also founded, and continue to support, the independent Center for Public Impact which tracks how our work and the work of our government clients delivers positive impact to citizens.

BCG’s Public Sector Consulting Experts

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Public Sector