Metaverse Services

The metaverse is coming, and its building blocks can create value now. Our metaverse consultants help companies develop strategies and experiences that let them operate—and interact with customers—in transformative ways.

What is the metaverse? There’s no shortage of visions—or, for that matter, definitions. Most characterizations go big, depicting a massive virtual space where people can interact—and companies can do business—in ways that aren’t possible in the physical world. But perhaps a better way to look at the metaverse is to break it down by the technologies that fuel it.

As it’s still early days for combining all three, the metaverse is a work in progress. But each of these technologies is more mature and accessible than ever. And savvy companies aren’t waiting for the metaverse’s grand unveiling, choosing instead to zero in on how its components can transform their processes, interactions, and business models right now. Our metaverse consultants help clients not only create a metaverse strategy, but also build the actual products, applications, and experiences.

Our Metaverse Services

With the right metaverse strategy, companies can define their vision—and their path to value. But they also need to build the capabilities, the talent, and the applications that bring their metaverse vision to life. Our metaverse services provide a unique blend of strategic and technical expertise to help companies take a holistic, end-to-end approach to the metaverse.

How to Enter the Metaverse: Applications for Companies and Consumers

Metaverse business opportunities are typically centered around three areas: next-generation customer experiences; employee collaboration, learning, and engagement; and augmented operations. While many companies are surprised to discover just how wide ranging the applications can be, across industries, forward-looking companies are making metaverse investments—and seeing them pay off:



Consumer Goods




Public Sector

Our metaverse consulting experts also work with the companies that are building the metaverse—the technology industry players providing the hardware and software and the telecom operators running the networks—as they too need a metaverse strategy to determine what to build and how to build it, today and down the road. We help them enable opportunities, both for themselves as well as for their customers.

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BCG's Metaverse and Web3 Executive Training

BCG is pleased to introduce our new Versed Academy, featuring two new executive training programs, virtual and on-site, to help guide CEOs and senior executives through the challenges and opportunities of entering the Metaverse.


Our Insights on the Metaverse

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The Expanding Health Care Metaverse

Most companies and institutions are at least experimenting with one or more use cases, but less than 20% have established a strategy to guide their activities.


Web3 Opens New Paths to Customer Loyalty

Customer engagement in loyalty programs has been stagnant for years. Web3 supports offerings, like nonfungible tokens (NFTs), that get customers more engaged—and companies creating more revenue.

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