Customer Demand

Revenue is by far the biggest driver of total shareholder returns—in the short and long term. But half of all companies either fail to grow or destroy value in the attempt. BCG helps clients beat these odds by using insights about customer demand to guide their growth strategies.

To maximize revenue growth—and bolster TSR in the process—companies must first identify the most promising roads to growth. Our customer demand consultants help clients identify the best growth opportunities. We start by pinpointing pockets of customer demand—areas where they can focus, build competitive advantage, win, and grow.

Drawing on our track record of driving impact for clients, our strategic thinking heritage, and our sophisticated analytical tools, we help clients not just gain valuable insights into how consumers make choices but also put those insights into action. Armed with those customer insights, clients can map the most promising pockets of customer demand and craft clear plans to drive growth.

How Our Demand Centric Growth Approach Helps

Anchored in a clear understanding of customer demand, we founded Demand Centric Growth—powered by our Center for Customer Insight, a team of more than 45 specialists and experts with a presence in 50 markets—as a customer-centric guide for all parts of the organization.

Our proprietary Demand Centric Growth methodology enables clients to achieve superior performance at every step in their customer demand growth journey:

Our Client Work in Customer Demand

Clients have achieved impressive results on metrics such as revenue, market share, enterprise value, marketing savings, and profit margins. Our successes include:

  • +$7 billion enterprise value
  • Contributed to what is considered the most profitable deal in private equity history
  • Returned brand to profitability, +$1 billion to bottom line in five years
  • Increased growth to two times the previous plan in mature, saturated markets
  • Double-digit same store sales growth


Our Customer Demand Services and Solutions

We offer a powerful suite of services and solutions that help clients gain even deeper insight into customer demand:

  • Lighthouse for Demand Capture helps clients refresh their understanding of customer demand to reflect new realities, adjust their growth strategies based on the competitive landscape, and address changing customer demand patterns. Demand Sensing, our proprietary AI platform, helps clients develop scenarios and track, in real time, leading indicators of demand.
  • Demand Accelerator uses primary consumer research to illuminate medium-term demand, map shifting pools of demand (including those catalyzed by the pandemic), and uncover longer-term growth opportunities.
  • Branding builds a robust fact base and analyzes consumer demand research to help companies surmount challenges including weak brand differentiation and new brand launches. It helps them clearly articulate a brand’s positioning and track brand performance in a unified way.
  • Customer-Facing Innovation enables clients to determine where to innovate, how best to refine their offerings, how to launch a new product or service, and how to make best-practice innovation a repeatable process to better satisfy customer demand. We work with clients to find, frame, and focus new offerings through the lens of customer demand management. Equally important, we equip clients with the methods, processes, and tools they need to sustain the newly generated value.
  • Customer Influence Pathways helps supercharge customer demand and engagement by clarifying customer journeys and touchpoints to craft a customer-centric commercial execution plan that boosts companies’ top and bottom line. Clients gain insight into where to play, how to deploy winning tactics, and what investments they’ll need to make to drive purchase, acquisition, and long-term relationships with the brand.
  • Customer Insights Organization and Enablement focuses on helping companies establish the in-house organizational structures and capabilities vital for making the right customer demand management decisions and meeting customers’ needs. By strengthening these essential structures and capabilities, they can better organize customer data and understand changing customer demands, needs, behaviors, and perceptions—and then use that understanding to quickly pinpoint the most valuable strategic opportunities.

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Meet Our Customer Demand Consultants

BCG has a team of customer demand consultants operating around the world that brings deep industry experience and comprehensive knowledge of topics including demand-led growth, customer demand management, strategies to meet customer demand, and marketing growth.

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