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Digital HR

The role of human resources is shifting dramatically—and the challenge facing HR leadership is clear: How do you create an agile, next-generation HR function fit for the digital era?

Human resources, once viewed as a dependable cornerstone of business, is morphing into one of the most critical and dynamic functions in any organization. As companies build for the future—blending human and technological capabilities—the primary barrier to progress is not technology. Rather, it is finding the right human capabilities, skills, and talent to unleash the power of technology.

Companies with next-generation HR capabilities deliver significantly better financial performance than companies weaker in those areas. To ensure that HR is a strategic partner to the business, companies must address five fundamental questions:

  • How do people drive business value in the organization—and how does HR help maximize that value?
  • What is the right HR operating model and organizational framework to ensure that leaders own people strategy and implementation?
  • How should HR processes and digital HR practices be structured? What digital HR strategy is needed to succeed?
  • What are the most promising, innovative digital HR solutions available to support this work?

Armed with these insights, companies can reinvent human resources for the digital era by excelling in three areas: digital HR, employee life cycle, and HR and people analytics.

Our Approach to Digital HR Strategy


Managing Employee Journeys Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

BCG’s employee journey methodology allows HR personnel to optimize the employee experience over the entire employee life cycle—from employee onboarding to reskilling and on through and beyond retirement.

Featured Client Work in Human Resources

Our Digital HR Solutions and People Analytics Tools

Our HR and people analytics tools generate quantitative—and actionable—data on what people do at work, how a transformation will affect their work, and how changes in behavior can improve financial performance. We help our clients anticipate future HR trends and prepare their organization and workforce.

With Workplace Analytics, Microsoft and BCG are activating behavioral change. We offer data-driven interventions to unlock the potential for collaboration and productivity and to quantify the impact of transformation projects.

BCG’s WISE—Workforce Inclusion Scorecard and Evaluation—provides transparency into how diverse employees are represented across the employee life cycle: recruiting, retention, attrition, and promotion. The WISE dashboard can be used to set diversity goals and to predict and track progress.

Diversity analytics can be explored further through DIAL—Diversity & Inclusion Assessment for Leadership—an online survey tool that measures how employees assess a company’s progress in diversity and inclusion. DIAL identifies what works well and where action is needed to enable companies to drive meaningful change. Its results can be compared against benchmarks in more than ten industries

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