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Compliance and Crisis Management

As a trusted partner for clients in their most critical moments, BCG goes beyond regulatory remediation, helping to ensure operational readiness for any corporate compliance, regulatory risk management, or crisis response scenario.

Strong compliance provides organizations with both protection and integrity, as compliance failures can inflict serious damage to a company’s bottom line and reputation. BCG’s compliance consulting and crisis management experience helps companies across all sectors implement a robust compliance risk management framework.

We design and implement target operating models that enable steady and sustainable business growth, while complying with an increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Our Regulatory Compliance Services and Approach to Crisis Management

Only a proactive, holistic approach is sufficient in the face of complex regulatory compliance requirements and ongoing scrutiny. BCG has more than a decade of cross-sector experience in the field of compliance and crisis management. Our team takes a tailored approach to everything from substantial compliance transformations to regulatory remediation programs, integrating the organization’s specific business objectives and strategy to meet their areas of need:

  • Maturity Assessment. BCG assesses the maturity of the company’s compliance function to identify its strengths and weaknesses, unearthing potential threats and opportunities. 
  • Crisis Management. BCG supports its clients through every phase of a crisis—even those that are anticipated but have not yet occurred. Our solutions are sustainable, profitable, and help organizations resolve existing crises, mitigate future crisis scenarios, and strengthen overall resilience.
  • Transformation/Post-transformation. Our regulatory compliance consulting experts support clients in substantial transformation programs through regulatory remediation. We create remediation plans and then tackle change management processes in collaboration with our clients as the transformation unfolds. We integrate digital capabilities to shore up the first line of defense against both external and internal risks.  

How We Enable Compliance, Regulatory Strategy, and Crisis Management Across Industries

Regulatory Compliance in Banking

Compliance in Energy, Insurance, and Health Care

Our Clients’ Success in Compliance and Crisis Management


Make Corporate Regulatory Compliance a Proactive Force

Our experts in AI, predictive modeling, and digital compliance play a key role as we identify solutions to improve risk monitoring. We then work with stakeholders across your organization to deepen a culture of compliance through active participation in the transformation or crisis response. Along the way, we integrate the expertise of BCG’s specialty partners:


Our Insights on Regulatory Compliance and Crisis Management

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Mature Risk Management in Uncertain Times

A BCG study reveals how top-performing companies effectively addressed the risk management challenges of recent crises and what other companies can learn from them.

ESG Compliance in an Era of Tighter Regulation Hero Rectangle

ESG Compliance in an Era of Tighter Regulation

ESG regulations are growing more intricate, and businesses’ fragmented compliance efforts are proving inadequate. Companies should adopt a comprehensive approach to enable efficient risk management and reporting.


Financial Crime Is Everybody’s Business

BCG’s Hanjo Seibert says fighting financial crimes such as money laundering is not just the responsibility of regulators and banks. All businesses have a role to play.

Meet Our Regulatory Compliance Consulting Leadership Team

Our compliance leadership team supports companies across all sectors to monitor the evolving regulatory landscape, implement digital assets in their compliance function, and ensure that material developments in the complex and ever-changing environment are addressed as soon as possible. Here are some of our corporate compliance and crisis management consultants:

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