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To create competitive advantage with artificial intelligence, you need to rewire decision making and operations to extract value—and invest in human capabilities to make it stick. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on artificial intelligence to learn how to scale AI across your organization.

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Responsible AI and AI Risks

Unlocking Value Through Responsible AI Commitments

The experiences of a hypothetical company illustrate how ensuring responsible AI practices can address challenges and create new opportunities.

Five Ways to Prepare for AI Regulation

Proposals for regulating AI are picking up speed, yet organizational readiness has yet to gain traction. With a responsible approach, companies can ensure compliance—and create value.

Generative AI

What’s Possible?: GenAI and Innovation

Generative AI’s “new” programming language democratizes innovation from within, unlocking tremendous potential across many industries. BCG’s Suchi Srinivasan explains the impacts to come.

How to Put Generative AI to Work—Responsibly

This transformative technology has the potential to dramatically accelerate innovation, but it also brings new hazards. Responsible artificial intelligence can help mitigate the risks.

AI in Industries

What's Possible? GenAI and Information Technology

Generative AI can be a formidable tool for IT leaders. But the near-term opportunities depend on your organization's digital maturity, as BCG’s Vlad Lukic explains.

Unleashing AI’s Potential: How It Can Help Us Adapt to Climate Change

Hamid Maher explains the importance of AI when tackling climate change, helping decision-makers take action by forecasting both immediate and long-term hazards. This content was paid for by Boston Consulting Group and produced in partnership with the Financial Times Commercial department.

AI and Talent

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Reskilling for a Rapidly Changing World

With the average half-life of skills now less than five years—and half that in some tech fields—organizations need a new approach to reskilling their workforce.

AI at Work: What People Are Saying | rectangle | BCGX filter

AI at Work: What People Are Saying

How do frontline employees, managers, and company leaders who have a front-row seat for the AI revolution feel about the technology sweeping across the corporate landscape?

AI and Strategy

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Improve Key Performance Indicators with AI

Whether improving existing KPIs or creating new ones, companies that accelerate their evolution with AI see more business benefits than those that do not. Learn more on MIT SMR.

AI Empowers Employees, Not Just Companies

BCG's survey with MIT SMR shows that using artificial intelligence at work benefits both organizations and employees. Increasing employee awareness, trust, and understanding of AI further enhances its value.

AI’s Business Impact

Using AI to Build Climate Resilience Where It's Needed Most

Southeast Asia and other Global South regions are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Dave Sivaprasad explains how AI can play a crucial role in protecting at-risk populations.

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