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To create competitive advantage with artificial intelligence, you need to rewire decision making and operations to extract value—and invest in human capabilities to make it stick. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on artificial intelligence to learn how to scale AI across your organization.

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Responsible AI and AI Risks

Generative AI


What’s Possible? BCG on Generative AI

How can business leaders gain a competitive edge while building for the future? In this video series, BCG experts explore GenAI's potential across industries and functions.

AI in Industries

The Future of Digital Health 2024

The Future of Digital Health 2024

Experts across BCG and BCG X foresee an exciting year of technology advances in areas such as at-home care, women’s health, and mental well-being.

GenAI and the Path to Profit in B2B Sales

GenAI and the Path to Profit in B2B Sales

By empowering sales teams to sell more effectively, GenAI can enable organizations to reach more customers faster and better. To smooth the way, BCG has devised an approach structured in three horizons.


The Chatbot Is Dead—Long Live the Chatbot

Generative AI can transform online chat sessions into something more real—known as “conversational commerce”—so retailers can reduce the necessity for support by people.

AI and Talent

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Reskilling for a Rapidly Changing World

With the average half-life of skills now less than five years—and half that in some tech fields—organizations need a new approach to reskilling their workforce.


AI at Work: What People Are Saying

How do frontline employees, managers, and company leaders who have a front-row seat for the AI revolution feel about the technology sweeping across the corporate landscape?

Big Ideas with MIT SMR

AI Today: Live Interviews


Bringing GenAI Use Cases to Life

Telcos have countless applications for GenAI. But to realize its real value, leaders will need to choose which use cases to implement and take them from an idea to proof of concept and then to scale.


The Society of AI

Industry is scaling AI at a rapid pace and the future of the emerging technology has never been brighter. BCG’s Vlad Lukic and WEF’s AI Expert Azeem Azhar discuss the humanizing potential of AI to progress from early use cases into a network of collective intelligence.


GenAI’s Role in Creativity

What role does GenAI play in helping people be more creative? Dr. Hiroaki Kitano, CTO of Sony Group Corporation and BCG’s Yasushi Sasaki discuss responsible AI, GenAI, and why we should trust human creativity.


Empowering the Workforce, and the World with GenAI

In the past year, there has been tremendous innovation in the GenAI space. Microsoft’s Ralph Haupter and BCG’s Matthias Tauber discuss the positive impacts on people, productivity, and the planet.

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