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To create competitive advantage with artificial intelligence, you need to rewire decision making and operations to extract value—and invest in human capabilities to make it stick. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on artificial intelligence to learn how to scale AI across your organization.

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Generative AI

BCG CMO Jessica Apotheker speaks about generative AI in marketing
Video Series

What’s Possible? BCG on Generative AI

How can business leaders gain a competitive edge while building for the future? In this video series, BCG experts explore GenAI's potential across industries and functions.

Responsible AI and AI Risks

AI Today: Live Interviews


Getting the Maximum Value from GenAI

Kaushal Kurapati, SVP of product management, generative AI, and search at Salesforce, and BCG’s Vikas Taneja discuss how GenAI is transforming work and what it will mean for business growth.


Why 2024 Is the Year of GenAI Adoption

Dai Vu, BCG alumnus and current managing director, Cloud Marketplace at Google Cloud, says that customers are moving from experimentation to adoption of GenAI in customer service, marketing and content creation, and software development.


Meeting AI’s Data and Power Demands

AI will require significant investment in data center and power generation capacity. Carlyle’s Pooja Goyal discusses the energy mix needed to meet these demands.


The Human Element of AI Adoption

For business leaders, one of the biggest obstacles to scaling traditional AI and GenAI is changing people’s ways of working, explains Mary Martin, a managing director and partner at BCG with expertise in restaurants.

AI Tech and Data

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The Multiplier by BCG X

Join us at the intersection of innovation and experience with, where our seasoned experts provide deep dives into emerging technology topics.

AI Transformation Across Industries

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What Does AI Mean for All of Us?

Tools like generative AI could work wonders for individuals, businesses, and society. But that bright future depends on our ability to develop AI responsibly now.

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