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To create competitive advantage with artificial intelligence, you need to rewire decision making and operations to extract value—and invest in human capabilities to make it stick. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on artificial intelligence to learn how to scale AI across your organization.

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Responsible AI and AI Risks

Unlocking Value Through Responsible AI Commitments

The experiences of a hypothetical company illustrate how ensuring responsible AI practices can address challenges and create new opportunities.

Generative AI

What’s Possible? GenAI and Innovation

Generative AI’s “new” programming language democratizes innovation from within, unlocking tremendous potential across many industries. BCG’s Suchi Srinivasan explains the impacts to come.

AI in Industries

A Generative AI Roadmap for Financial Institutions

Generative AI offers financial institutions a route to immense new growth—but only those that take transformative action will find their way. A new BCG report lays out a comprehensive executive roadmap.

Growth AI by BCG Recognized in POI’s 2023 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report

BCG was awarded four Best in Class distinctions in Promotion Optimization Institute (POI)’s 2023 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report for our tool Growth AI by BCG. POI's annual report evaluates leading vendors to help manufacturing and consumer products companies discover the latest technology and services that drive profitable growth.

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AI and Talent

What’s Possible? GenAI and People

Gaining competitive advantage from generative AI will demand far-reaching redesigns of organizations and human resources. BCG’s Allison Bailey explains.

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Reskilling for a Rapidly Changing World

With the average half-life of skills now less than five years—and half that in some tech fields—organizations need a new approach to reskilling their workforce.

AI at Work: What People Are Saying

How do frontline employees, managers, and company leaders who have a front-row seat for the AI revolution feel about the technology sweeping across the corporate landscape?

Big Ideas with MIT SMR

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Improve Key Performance Indicators with AI

Whether improving existing KPIs or creating new ones, companies that accelerate their evolution with AI see more business benefits than those that do not. Learn more on MIT SMR.

AI Empowers Employees, Not Just Companies

BCG's survey with MIT SMR shows that using artificial intelligence at work benefits both organizations and employees. Increasing employee awareness, trust, and understanding of AI further enhances its value.

AI Today: Live Interviews

The Role of Tech in Educating the Future Workforce

Cengage’s Michael Hansen explores how AI is reshaping the workplace, addressing job concerns among the college-educated and the role of technology in upskilling the workforce of the future.

Developing an Algorithm for Equality

The Female Quotient's Shelley Zalis discusses the impact of disruptive tech on gender equality. Addressing biases in AI and promoting women in leadership are paramount to achieving an “algorithm for equality.”

How Americans Are Unlocking AI’s Creative Potential

The Verge’s Helen Havlak shares research on how Americans, notably Gen Z, are embracing AI tools. While people anticipate workforce shifts and many seek AI regulation, the potential for creative applications grows amidst concerns.

Media Leadership in the Era of AI Transformation 

Vox Media’s Jim Bankoff discusses generative AI’s potential to be the biggest transformation in media since mobile, offering insights for leaders on how to seize opportunities and tackle challenges like misinformation in this new era.

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