Sustainability Report 2022

Our Commitments

Over the past 60 years, BCG has grown from one individual in a room to a company of more than 30,000 across the globe. Throughout that time, we’ve maintained an unwavering commitment to our corporate purpose—to unlock the potential of those who advance the world.

BCG has shaped the field of business strategy while delivering sustained impact through our work with clients. We bring together diverse, global teams to tackle today’s most urgent challenges, including climate and sustainability, disruptive technologies, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

Guided by the belief that we ourselves grow by growing others, we operate as a school for talent to shape the leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. We prioritize collaboration, challenge the status quo, and continually strive to change lives and create socially transformative businesses that align profit with purpose. And we always aim to lead with integrity, an approach that is steeped in our values and reinforced generation after generation. That 60-year-old tradition of honesty and transparency has earned us the trust of our clients, our partners, our people, and our communities.

Expanding Our Reach, Enhancing Our Impact

Our Annual Sustainability Report details the steps we took in 2022—expanding our reach and impact through our client work and through the transformation of our own operations—to address important societal and planetary challenges and to help shape a brighter future for business, the planet, and its 8 billion people. The report breaks down our sustainability approach, which focuses on four key pillars: driving social impact, protecting our planet, empowering our people, and promoting responsible business practices.

BCG’s Impact in 60

In celebration of BCG’s 60th anniversary, BCG's experts from around the world share in 60 seconds how they’re creating social impact through their work.

Impact in 60: A Holistic Approach to Supplier Diversity

A diversified supply chain increases resilience and broadens the customer base. To gain the necessary capabilities and scale, diverse suppliers need wide-ranging support.

Impact in 60: Improving the Livelihoods of Africa’s Nomadic Herders

Integrating pastoralists into livestock markets increases their compensation and contributes to an improved food system across the continent.

Impact in 60: Sparking the Development of Minority-Owned Businesses

BCG Spark connects the firm’s employees with startups launched by members of minority groups, supporting their growth and creating a positive impact across communities.

Impact in 60: Banks and the Big Business of Social Impact

Financial institutions are uniquely positioned to address many social challenges—within their own operations, through customers and suppliers, and all along the value.

Our Four Key Pillars

Driving Social Impact

Protecting Our Planet

Empowering Our People

Promoting Responsible Business Practices

BCG’s Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct encapsulates BCG’s commitment to acting responsibly, backed by individual integrity and professional conduct. It outlines our expectations for behavior to all employees and others working on our behalf, and serves as a bridge between our purpose, our values, and our global processes and policies. It is intended to foster integrity and inform decision making while aligning our actions with expected standards of professional conduct.

We periodically review and if needed update the Code of Conduct to reflect developments in corporate ethics and compliance.

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The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability

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