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Our Commitments

BCG’s company commitments are at the core of our corporate purpose.

We know we can make the greatest impact through collaboration with our clients, as our diverse, global teams help organizations and governments tackle today’s most urgent challenges. But we are also on an ongoing mission to live up to our own company commitments, strengthening ethical and responsible business practices within BCG and working day by day to help build a sustainable and inclusive future and make a difference in society.

Addressing Urgent Global Challenges: A Time to Lead

Our annual Sustainability Report details the steps we took in 2021—through our client work and through the transformation of our own operations—to address important societal and environmental sustainability challenges and to help shape a brighter future for society, business, the planet, and its 8 billion people. The 2021 Sustainability Report delineates our approach, which focuses on four key pillars: driving social impact, protecting our planet, empowering our people, and promoting responsible business practices.

Hear More From Our CEO About BCG’s Sustainability Report

Striving to be a leader in turbulent times is full of challenges, but BCG stepped up in 2021. Social impact was our fastest-growing practice, as we continued to position ourselves on the frontline of pandemic response efforts while tackling many other global problems.

“We have learned a lot and we are emerging from the pandemic stronger, more agile, and better positioned to help our clients and partners respond to the uncertainty ahead.” — Christoph Schweizer, CEO, BCG

Driving Social Impact

Our commitment to finding and catalyzing effective solutions to pressing societal issues is at the heart of our company’s purpose. We bring world-class expertise to the work of addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, helping organizations develop and focus their social impact agendas, and partnering with them to build their capabilities and maximize their impact and effectiveness. We help our clients leverage their core business assets and operations to drive positive societal impact in ways that enhance their sustainable competitive advantage, and we do so by focusing on six key areas:

  • Education. Providing high-quality education and skills

Protecting Our Planet

For governments and businesses today, no topic is more urgent than climate action. Combating the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time and a top priority for BCG. By reducing emissions and addressing systemic threats to our climate and environment, we are not just protecting the planet but also increasing the long-term sustainability of corporations. In order to maximize our positive impact, we concentrate our environmental sustainability commitments in three domains: partnering with clients to drive climate and environmental impact, shaping the global agenda by broadening and deepening our engagement with leading climate actors, and managing our own environmental impact.

We have committed to reach net-zero climate impact by 2030, a significant step in our internal commitment to sustainability. Here are some of our key targets in this area:

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BCG’s Net-Zero Strategy

BCG has committed to reach net-zero climate impact by 2030 and then become climate positive—removing more carbon from the atmosphere than we emit each year.

Our Sustainability Journey

Climate action is one of our most urgent challenges. As we partner with clients to help them realize their net-zero ambitions, we must also continue to change the way we operate as a firm.

Empowering Our People

Our success depends on our people. Our ability to attract and retain the best talent from all backgrounds—to fully reflect the diverse world in which we live and work—allows us to deliver value and help companies make a difference. In order to build a global BCG team made up of individuals determined to make the world and one another better every day, we invest heavily in talent acquisition; diversity, equity, and inclusion; employee well-being; learning programs and leadership development; and safety and security.

Promoting Responsible Business Practices

Dedication to ethical and responsible business practices defines our business identity and BCG’s approach as a firm. We consider this commitment—backed up by a system of clear accountability and a culture of transparency—critical to our success and to the reputational integrity of our clients and our company. Our responsible business goals include:

  • Training all BCG employees on our business ethics and employee code of conduct
  • Training all BCG employees on our data privacy and information security policies
  • Communicating our supplier code of conduct to all BCG suppliers
  • Training all BCG sourcing teams on sustainable procurement topics

BCG’s Speak Up Line

As part of our effort to lead with integrity, and to prevent and identify misconduct, BCG offers a reporting option called Speak Up. As an alternative to sending concerns directly to one of our senior leaders, our Speak Up line provides employees, customers, suppliers and any other third parties an opportunity to report suspected violations of applicable law and BCG policies. BCG confidentially reviews concrete reports and forwards them to appropriate external parties if warranted. Users can remain anonymous when submitting a report, unless they choose otherwise.

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BCG’s Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct encapsulates BCG’s commitment to acting responsibly, backed by individual integrity and professional conduct. It outlines our expectations for behavior to all employees and others working on our behalf, and serves as a bridge between our purpose, our values, and our global processes and policies. It is intended to foster integrity and inform decision making while aligning our actions with expected standards of professional conduct.

We periodically review and if needed update the Code of Conduct to reflect developments in corporate ethics and compliance.

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