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Service Operations

When done right, service operations and corporate support operations foster great customer experiences along with efficiency and resilience. To that end, our service and support operations consulting experts combine hands-on experience with advanced tools and big-picture thinking to unlock both cost savings and business value.

To meet heightened customer expectations while boosting both their top and bottom lines, businesses can optimize their service operations and corporate support operations. But doing so takes more than just spot solutions. It takes a holistic, customer-centric approach.

How BCG Helps Optimize Service Operations and Corporate Support Operations

It takes two perspectives to get business service operations right. First, you need operational excellence. But you also need to understand how service and support—including customer service, technical asset management and services, and corporate operations—fit with your business strategy. By stressing both dimensions, along with the technology necessary to optimize them, our service and support operations consultants do more than improve processes. They create better end-to-end journeys, generating value for customers and companies alike.

How We Build Value Through Service Operations and Corporate Support Operations

Service and support functions are often an untapped opportunity: a catalyst for growth, when designed and implemented in just the right way. By looking at how service operations and corporate support operations can foster efficiencies, enhance experiences, and spark agility and savings, we take their potential out of the back office—and off the back burner.

  • Leveraging a Multidisciplinary Team. One of the key differentiators of our service and support operations consulting is our breadth of talent and resources, which include the data scientists and designers in BCG X, our tech build and design division. We deploy teams made up of experts in the functional, technical, and industry areas most relevant to each client’s specific context.
  • Looking at the Big Picture. Spot solutions can help boost the speed or lower the cost of a specific process. But business service operations don’t work in a vacuum. They impact overall journeys, experiences, and goals. That’s why we look at the business context of a process and where—and how—it best fits with a company’s strategy and priorities. This lets us do more than simply optimize service and support operations. It lets us optimize your business.
  • Collaborating and Enabling. Partnering with the client is a core BCG value—and it means more than just sharing updates and seeking feedback. By embedding a company’s experts within our own team, we foster close alignment and strong engagement. Such close collaboration also helps clients master new techniques and ways of working when it comes to business service operations—so they can run with the baton after we’ve left the scene.
  • Getting to Value Quickly. Through baselining and benchmarking, our service and support operations consultants can zero in on a client’s strengths, identify areas for improvement, and understand how the company compares with competitors in its service and support operations. But just as importantly, the analysis helps reveal quick wins: initiatives that can create value in the near term while building momentum for—and funding—the longer-term transformation.

Our Approach to Service Operations and Corporate Support Operations

BCG's experts have worked across the spectrum of service operations—customer service operations, technical asset management and services, and support operations—as well as corporate operations like finance and HR operations. We’ve applied that expertise across a broad array of industries and markets, with significant experience working with financial institutions.

But no matter the focus, our work is defined—and fueled—by the relentless pursuit of value.

Corporate Operations

Customer Service Operations

Operations in Financial Institutions

Technical Asset Management and Services

Our Clients’ Success in Service Operations and Corporate Support Operations

Our Featured Tools and Solutions for Service Operations and Corporate Support Operations

We leverage a variety of tools and methodologies—many of them proprietary—to optimize corporate operations and service operations management. Here’s a look into our toolkit:

E2Epro AI. Jointly developed by BCG and Celonis, E2Epro AI leverages real-time data (from ERP, CRM, and other systems) and AI to reveal the hidden complexity and variation in end-to-end processes. It provides insights and recommendations that help companies simplify and standardize, boosting operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

REACH. Contact centers are complex, and creating the best customer treatments and employee experiences while managing cost is a tough balancing act. REACH provides the vision, options, and value realization to simulate and assess the tradeoffs.

ZBO. Our activity-based optimization software helps uncover inefficiencies and issues in the organization and identify suitable solutions. ZBO combines powerful methodologies, software, and benchmark data to guide organizational improvement efforts.

OptiMA. OptiMA leverages text mining and analytical capabilities to recommend the most optimal maintenance strategy for any individual asset.

FieldSOX. A cloud-based solution that can be integrated with any IT environment, FieldSOX combines advanced data science with BCG expertise to transform field force operations. Algorithms optimize scheduling and routing, ensuring that the right technician is in the right place at the right time. Companies that have deployed FieldSOX have seen a 20% to 30% increase in their field force’s productivity—while reducing costs by up to 35%.

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