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Supply Chain Management

BCG helps organizations reduce supply chain costs, while enabling growth through agility and by promoting resilience and sustainability. We customize supply chain strategy and applications of digital and AI tools to support optimal supply chain management that’s built for the future.

Supply chain risk management vaulted to the top of the boardroom agenda during the pandemic and has remained there as companies face upstream and downstream disruption in supply chains due to unforeseen shocks, uncertain demand, and an ongoing pressure to become more efficient. Leading companies are future-proofing their supply chain strategy to withstand volatility as well as enable growth.

How BCG Supports Supply Chain Management

BCG believes that customization is essential for a successful supply chain transformation program. We tailor our offerings to help companies strike the right tradeoffs among cost-effectiveness, agility, sustainability, and resilience. Our digital and AI implementations are targeted to solve each client’s distinct supply management pain points.

Our Approach to Supply Chain Management

BCG’s unique approach to supply chain management consulting puts people and processes first, with technology geared toward addressing validated business needs.

We begin by applying our proven approach to diagnose supply chain issues and the tangible value at stake. We then build capabilities, institute change management programs, and rapidly scale technology solutions to enable service-level improvements, provide platforms for growth, and capture sustainable savings. Here are four key ways we help clients future-proof their supply chains:

Across these efforts, we help companies utilize digital products and solutions and AI to improve decision-making, drive supply chain optimization, and foster sustainable supply chains. Capabilities such as Supply Chain AI help clients focus on the highest-value supply management opportunities and gain insights that strengthen supply chain resilience by helping them recover faster from supply chain disruptions.

Our future-proofing approach also includes using GenAI to enhance the data backbone, augment supply chain analytics, overhaul the user experience, and fully automate processes.

Our Supply Chain Management Work with Clients

GSK’s Digital Path to Operational Excellence

Deploying artificial intelligence at scale and digitizing supply chains aren't easy tasks. But pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline surmounted the challenges. How? It executed a disciplined data-and-analytics transformation program that unlocked maximum value--fast.

Sanofi’s Digital Transformation Journey

A global pharmaceutical company launched a transformation to create value at speed and scale—with the goal of generating hundreds of millions of euros in incremental profit.

How Heineken Europe Is Transforming Its Supply Chain

The brewer launched a supply chain transformation program to reduce complexity, build new ways of working, and reduce its carbon footprint. Here’s how it succeeded.


Our Featured Supply Chain Management Tools and Offers

Our battle-tested, holistic approach to supply chain management is supported by our suite of advanced proprietary tools and solutions, including the following:


Supply Chain AI

Supply Chain AI takes a holistic approach to transforming a company’s supply chain, from strategy and design through integrated planning and optimized execution. Backed by a unique set of AI solutions such as SNOW AI and PLAN AI, using BCG X, we enhance seven key supply chain capabilities while developing the plans, processes, skills, and culture that fuel and accelerate transformation.

Co2 AI product logo


Part of our partner ecosystem, CO2 AI enables organizations to track, measure, simulate, and reduce their environmental footprint at scale—and to collaborate across the supply chain.

Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Transformation_rectangle.jpg

Digitally Enabled Supply Chain Transformation

BCG’s Advanced Planning System (APS) offering harnesses integrated business planning (IBP) platforms and BCG’s proprietary PLAN AI solution to revolutionize end-to-end supply chain management. We guide clients through every stage of their APS transformation journey—from selection and optimization to remediation and finally to a comprehensive planning transformation. This approach both ensures seamless integration and maximizes efficiency.


Compass Performance Benchmarking by BCG

Our proprietary database solution enables companies to understand how they compare against best-in-class leaders and unlock competitive advantage in supply chain management and manufacturing.

Our Latest Insights on Supply Chain Management

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Is Your Supply Chain Cyber-Secure?

Resilient companies prioritize cybersecurity. And those that rely on a smooth-functioning supply chain are increasingly giving precedence to managing the cybersecurity risks of their suppliers, not just their own.

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BCG-WEF Project: AI-Powered Industrial Operations

Manufacturers need to optimize for increased productivity, improved sustainability, greater resilience, and a stronger workforce. How can they harness the latest technologies to realize these goals?

Meet Our Supply Chain Management Consulting Leaders

Our supply chain management consulting team consists of hundreds of experts around the world with deep expertise in supply chain strategy, supply chain optimization, supply chain sustainability, supply chain risk management, and mitigating disruption in supply chains. Here are some of our experts in supply chain management:

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