Lean and Manufacturing Challenge


Amid new manufacturing technologies, advanced robotics, and other changes, companies still face the essential questions: What should we make? Where should we make it—and how? BCG’s manufacturing consulting teams help companies find the right answers.

New technologies have upended industrial production. As a result, smart manufacturers are turning toward factories of the future. But they must address critical challenges about just which manufacturing technologies, structures, and processes to embrace. We help our clients make the decisions that shape countless conditions: your environmental footprint and sustainability, cost profile, exposure to risks, workforce requirements, customer targeting, and ultimate profitability.

Our Approach to Manufacturing

BCG’s manufacturing consulting focuses our clients on three essential and guiding questions.

What Will You Manufacture?

Your product, product lines, and underlying components establish your strategic direction. This includes what you make in-house versus buy through a supplier, as well as your supply chain and how you optimize it along with your manufacturing operations. BCG brings expertise in manufacturing strategy and organization, risk management and sustainability, and make-or-buy decisions.

Where Will You Manufacture?

You must decide not only in which locations your plants and distribution centers sit but also how they’re optimized for such particulars as regulations, logistics, taxes, and duties. We help clients make the best decisions using our advanced production network optimization tools and Global Manufacturing Cost-Competitiveness Index.

How Will You Manufacture?

BCG helps evaluate your supply chain by viewing your global manufacturing operations through an integrated lens—ensuring everything from your lean manufacturing practices to your use of advanced robotics performs at a world-class level. We help you envision and build factories of the future that incorporate Industry 4.0 technologies; maintenance and production engineering strategies; logistics capabilities; lean production systems; and quality processes.

What BCG Delivers in Manufacturing

BCG’s manufacturing consulting clients enjoy access to a broad range of resources, including our Innovation Center for Operations and Global Operations Centers. The following are among the tools and offerings we deliver.




Our Manufacturing Tools and Solutions

Procurement AI_square.jpg


This integrated platform delivers step-change performance and value using AI and digital tools to inform key operational decisions.

Supply Chain AI_square.jpg

Supply Chain AI

Our AI-powered solution helps design, plan, and optimize supply chains for efficiency, agility, and resilience.


Compass Performance Benchmarking by BCG

Our proprietary database solution enables companies to understand how they compare against best-in-class leaders and unlock competitive advantage in operations and manufacturing.

Our Latest Insights in Manufacturing

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