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Armed with digital technologies, advanced analytics, and a vast pool of customer data, we help logistics and freight companies home in on services their customers want—so they can deliver an end-to-end offering without buying or owning expensive shipping assets.

Freight forwarding and logistics companies continue to be vexed by overcapacity in the industry and competition from players all across the value chain. Surmounting these ongoing challenges is not impossible—unless companies come at the problems in the same way they always have. With our help, they can use digital technologies to develop a variety of innovative business models that will dramatically improve the customer experience and eliminate entrenched operational inefficiencies.

How We Help Companies in the Logistics and Freight Industry

Our freight and logistics consulting team partners with companies specializing in sea forwarding, freight forwarding, contract logistics, road and air freight, and cargo.

  • We collaborate with clients on innovation. Winning market share in the 2020s demands that logistics and freight companies innovate to address customer pain points even before they are articulated—and continue to do so consistently. We help clients to streamline and accelerate their innovation processes and to hire, train, and lead their teams to become more agile.
  • We help our clients become customer-centric. Our freight and logistics consulting team fuels innovation by helping our clients gather more detailed and better-structured data so they paint a fine-grained picture of existing customers and their needs. We then channel that knowledge to reenvision quoting and booking processes, salesforce organization and efforts, pricing strategies, and a robust and balanced portfolio of offerings.
  • We partner with logistics and freight industry companies to build advanced IT, analytics, and digital capabilities. Formulating a sound freight strategy requires an in-depth understanding of the technological landscape, market conditions, probable future trends, and competitors’ capabilities. For some companies, the best approach is to build these capabilities through acquisition; for others it is organic growth. Our freight consulting team helps navigate both paths. We also bring deep industry expertise—and broad experience applying tech and digital across industries—to develop digital logistics and freight offerings, and launching data platforms with multiple participants including competitors.
  • We advise clients on transformations that better integrate their freight operations. We help rethink operating models to achieve greater supply chain visibility, services bundling, and other efficiencies. These transformations enable companies to add such new services as customs clearance, inland transportation, and warehousing. Ultimately, the resulting gains in efficiency, functionality, and connectivity position logistics and freight companies to deliver end-to-end supply chain management and other solutions.

Our Centers of Excellence for Logistics and Freight

Our Client Work in the Logistics and Freight Industry


Our Logistics and Freight Tools and Solutions

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B Capital Group

B Capital Group, a global venture capital firm in partnership with BCG, invests in business-to-business startups during their early expansion stage and fosters partnerships between entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. We enjoy particular success connecting entrepreneurs with corporations seeking to adopt emerging technologies.

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BCG X, BCG's tech build and design unit, partners with our freight and logistics strategy experts, helping companies develop AI-powered solutions and machine-learning algorithms that our clients own and integrate into their unique technology stack.

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BCG’s Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool

Our tool provides decision makers in the logistics and freight industry with a powerful cockpit for steering operational choices. The tool compiles data on 7 industries, 25 market segments and subsegments, and 31 financial KPIs. Get a complete picture of the industry's forecast trends and assess your company’s relative performance.

Our Insights on the Freight and Logistics Industry

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A Bumpy Road for Europe’s Freight Shippers

Supply and demand are more balanced, but disruptions across the Continent—and around the world—mean that road-freight customers must adapt to a far more volatile market.

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The Big Squeeze in Freight Transportation

To counter sinking revenue and rising costs, trucking industry players are reevaluating their customer contracts and employee value proposition as they plan far-reaching operational changes.

Our Freight and Logistics Consulting Experts

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