Cloud Computing

Companies that link their cloud migration to their business strategy can innovate and differentiate faster than ever. Our cloud consulting team helps make that connection—and uncover the value that lines the cloud.

The value of cloud computing is less about the cost savings of running applications “in the cloud”—it is more about a step change in agility, productivity, and speed to market. Companies can address concerns regarding the privacy and security of cloud solutions with proper planning and policies. Indeed, many companies are able to match or even exceed their privacy and security requirements when switching from on-premise solutions to cloud solutions.

When companies connect their cloud journey to their business goals, they create a foundation for high-speed, high-impact innovation and service, and they enable true digital transformation through cloud transformation.

Our Approach to Cloud Computing

We help companies leverage the cloud to develop—quickly and cost-effectively—new capabilities, new business models, new paths to revenue. We do this through an end-to-end approach:

  • Linking cloud strategy to business strategy. We zero in on how a cloud architecture can drive business outcomes. Vendor agnostic, we have a strategic point of view, helping clients develop an overarching roadmap for their cloud journey.
  • Getting to value quickly. By focusing on the highest priority initiatives first, and working down the list, we get to value quickly. This also allows us to steadily build out the cloud architecture, without disrupting the existing environment.
  • Driving digital transformation. The cloud is a key component of the data and digital platforms that power digital transformation. Our cloud computing consultants, architects, engineers, and domain experts wear both business and technical hats, so they can connect the cloud in a way that maximizes the capabilities of these platforms.
  • Implementing cloud architecture. Our cloud architects, engineers, and security experts ensure that a company’s cloud architecture—whether multi-cloud or hybrid cloud—is implemented efficiently, effectively, and securely. Because winning with the cloud is about getting the nuts and bolts right, too.
  • Perfecting the operating model. Putting a cloud strategy into action requires carefully designed governance, processes, roles, and performance management. We create the operating models that let cloud computing deliver. And through strong change management, we help organizations embrace new ways of working.
  • Enabling ownership—and continuous improvement. We set the cloud in motion—and empower companies to build on what we create. Enablement is a key aspect of what we do. It’s about working with companies so they can work independently: continually improving; continually identifying—and seizing—new opportunities.

We also remove the complexity of a cloud migration: helping clients understand when a hybrid cloud or a multi-cloud environment makes sense, and how to avoid disrupting legacy systems still essential for the business. Crucially, we enable clients to take ownership of their cloud transformation, so they can keep building—and keep improving—once we’ve left the scene.

Our Client Success in Cloud Computing

We’ve worked with leading companies, across industries, on cloud migration and transformation, helping them leverage different models—software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service—to move ahead. And stand apart.

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